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Web Development

How to Choose Best Web Design Agency

Need a website, a mobile app, or don’t even know exactly what you need ?

First questions immediately come in mind: which web design agency Dubai to select, what aspects should I consider, what path should I take?

We are now answering these questions for you to select the best web design company in Dubai.

Let’s look at what we should expect from the website agency in our experience.

What to expect?

• Expertise
• Solution
• Flexibility
• Accuracy
• Professionalism
• Trust
• Innovation
• Quality service
• Customer focus
• Reputation

1. Search for professional website agencies name on Google

It reveals a lot about what you find about the agency. In many cases, customers share their positive and negative experiences with others on social networking sites, blog comments, and forums. It also shows you how well web design company is doing with its online presence.

If you know a company for which the selected agency works, it is worth inquiring about them and gathering information.

2. How active are they on Social Media ?

Does the agency have a Facebook page, can they be found on Instagram or other social media sites? From this, you can know that the agency care’s about their brand and have strategic thinking behind it.

If they simply have a web site, you can assume they are not aware of social media marketing company in Dubai.

3. How long have they been serving in UAE market?

Although not always true, the longer web design company in Dubai has existed, the more certain you can count on it for a long time. For example, if a company has been in business for more than 5 years.

It means that there is probably a good management and organization behind the company and a solid foundation.

4. How Big is the Agency, Big Enough to Work with?

It is important to know how many web designers and developers the company is made of. Behind most web designing companies in Dubai is a graphic designer and a developer.

Which of course has no problem, but you should know that you now need a lot more competencies for a successful project.

5. What Web solutions do they provide?

Even though you only need a simple web site now, your need for other services will appear tomorrow. Obviously, you don’t want to work with many web designing companies in Dubai separately.

So it’s a good idea to look at the agency you choose from this perspective as well. Here is a list of what services you have or may need in the future:

• Web Development
• Responsive Website Design
SEO Packages Dubai
• PPC Management
• Social Media Packages Dubai
• eCommerce Website Development Dubai
• User experience (User research, User testing, Surface design, etc.)

6. Look at the Portfolio!

It tells a lot about a company what is put on the shelf. Having hundreds of references may indicate that they are being manufactured on an assembly line and are not focused on you or the project.

Obviously, this is not always true, but it can be a warning sign. Find a reference that is similar to your project. If your company hasn’t already completed the type of project you need, there’s a significant risk involved.

Notice the designs, how aesthetic they are, how easy they are to interpret and use. Last but not least, call 2-3 customers and ask how satisfied they are with the company and its services.

7. Communication

Perhaps one of the most important elements. A lot of and valuable communication is essential for any successful project.

If you already have doubts about communication over the phone or during your first meeting, don’t choose that web design company Dubai. Personal chemistry is very important for your project to be successful!

8. Can they Say No, do they have their Own Opinions?

Believe me, the customer is not always right (sorry)! Your interest doesn’t dictate entrusting a nodding web design agency Dubai to do what you tell them without thinking.

Rather, you need a partner who understands what they are doing and has a strong opinion on how to do it well.

Great things are born in partnership. Take a look around the agency to see if there are people out there who are known, recognized and give presentations in professional circles.

9. How much emphasis is placed on Social Media Marketing Dubai ?

The companies you need know exactly that the project is just one phase of product production. Social media management is central.

SEO services, Paid Ads management (PPC, SMO, video, etc.), email marketing, writing blogs, creating landing pages, harnessing the power of social media marketing Dubai are all necessary for successful project.

10. What is their workflow like?

Ask them exactly what you need to know about how they work, what and when they expect from your company (content, meeting, decisions).
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Are they working on milestones, is there any testing at all, are they using some agile methodology, are they using a ticketing system?

These are all important for your choice, choose the one that meets your expectations, then your project will be 100% successful.

11. Good Value for Money

Price is typically the factor that can easily decide a choice. You may also want to consider the price based on exactly what you get for it and how much your ROI (Return of Investment) will be.

If you are launching a project for eCommerce web design Dubai. Where there is a clear, measurable revenue from the website development Dubai , you should definitely consider the project and its price as an investment.

It should be noted that companies that do not account for ROI or do not specify the need and form of measurement can be problematic.

12. What Web Solution technology are used?

Do they use a self-developed system or develop on an open-source basis (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, Open Cart etc.)?

Each technology used has its advantages and disadvantages, so there is no right or wrong choice, it is really up to the project to decide which way to go. Ask for their advice, ask until the choice is clear as a layman.

13. Do they offer Training when your system is up and running?

It is essential for you that the website designing company shows you and explains how to use the CMS (content management system) as part of your education. What to look for, what not to do, and what to do. If you don’t recommend one, ask!

14. Website Support and Warranty

When your project started, you know this is just the beginning. Know what hourly rates and conditions your web design company in Dubai has at your disposal.

It is extremely important that there is no perfect program, there will almost certainly be bugs in the system that will sooner or later surface, so more serious web design agency Dubai will also guarantee their work.

If you still feel that you have chosen the right website design agency, the work is just beginning. If any part was unfamiliar, we suggest you start your search again!

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