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How to make your Custom Candle Boxes Outstanding by Doing Less

The trend of custom candle boxes has increased immensely. You can create candle boxes that look outstanding by adding awesome designs to the boxes. Do you know? The annual turnover of the candle products is $3.14 billion. You can create beautiful candle boxes by adding outstanding features to the boxes.

It is the artwork which create the major difference on the boxes. There are various professionals working hard in the companies in order to provide you with the outstanding boxes.

Just achieve high sales by embellishing the candle boxes minimally. If you want to know the art behind it just keep on reading the blog post.

The following are some of the incredible ideas which can adopt to have great boxes by doing less to run your brand:

Candle boxes

Kraft Candle Style

The minimally decorated things are liked by the customers. So, you can design the candle boxes in an elegant manner so that customers can straightway buy your product. In the market, there is a huge range of candles available but to choose from that huge range is difficult. So, you can offer the customers the kraft candle box packaging.

Choose a kraft material box and decide the style of the box such as tuck ends. After this now focus on the typography of the box. Because it is the outer text of the box that will make your boxes look unique. You cannot just display a plain kraft box on the shelves because it will create an anonymous feel for the customers.

So, ensure that the packaging you display within the market carries all the information regarding the product and your brand as well. Therefore, go for adding the logo of your brand and the tagline. You can hire a packaging company for this purpose to have the best candle boxes wholesale.

Focus on the Inner and Outer Packaging Equally

Try to focus on the inner and outer custom candle packaging. The customers always focus on the outer packaging of the product at the first glance. But later on, when they will open the box the inner packaging will also create a good or bad impression. Thus, both external and internal packaging should be focused on.

Candle boxes

For instance, if you are designing the coffee-scented candle then simply choose eco-friendly glass material for the candle and select a solid coffee color of the candle glass jar and at the middle of it add a sticker which carries the information such as your brand name, logo, a tagline and the name of the candle “ Delicious Coffee”.

And a cover lid of the scented candle should be of wooden texture to give that luxurious look. Now for the external packaging make sure that you choose the same theme as previously you selected for the candle jar.

Make sure that you imitate the inside candle product so well that people cannot feel any difference between the inside placed product and the outer one.

Subscription Candle Box

Nowadays, brands cannot make their products famous without the assistance of influencers. You always require popular influencers to make your brand famous.

There are various companies out there who are working hard to make their brand famous and many of them had made their brands famous with the help of bloggers’ assistance and it does not require too much on budget.

However, only it needs a good packaging of the subscription boxes which you can send as a PR to the bloggers and they can review your product nicely. If you want to save your money you can get the wholesale candle boxes  by Kwick Packaging.

People usually buy the products by reading the reviews available on the internet. And various products get famous with the assistance of the influencers.

Candle boxes
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Read here to design an attractive subscription box. You can select a mailer-style box and go imprinting all the floral artwork on the candle box in a pastel pink and dark green theme. With the help of this theme, your artwork will look mesmerizing and it will attract a large number of people towards the custom candle boxes. 

And try to add a beautiful punch insert of the candle dimension within the mailer box which will provide you a great advantage in terms of protecting the candle during transportation.

Art Style Candle Boxes

There are almost 21 famous art styles in the world. You can take advantage of these artworks by creating the candle packaging by following one of them. For instance, you can create the candle boxes on the “FUTURISM” artwork.

It was the art style made by an Italian futurist Luigi Russolo in 1911 before the start of world war I. It is an artwork that comprise of strong contrasting colors, acute angles, and amazing geometric shapes.

However, you can follow this artwork to create some uniqueness for your brand.

Candle boxes

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