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How To Get a General Trading License in Dubai

Are you looking up the steps to obtain a trade licence in Dubai? You are in the right place then. We can assist you in comprehending the detailed steps necessary to obtain a general trading licence in Dubai. Prior to delving into the specifics of the Dubai trade licence, consider Dubai as a trading hub.

One of the most significant trading centres in the Arab world is Dubai. Dubai has a distinct advantage over other Asian and European trading hubs thanks to its advantageous location. This benefit has led to recent strong expansion in the region’s commerce, logistics, and retail sectors. Dubai is the most desired trading destination of traders and multinational businesses due to its impeccable infrastructure amenities, affordable energy, and modern, faultless communication systems. Dubai is a major worldwide freight centre thanks to its well-equipped seaport and airport infrastructure and superior cargo handling abilities.

Steps to get your Trading License in Dubai

Traders from over the world enjoy taking advantage of these resources. Businesses who want to engage in domestic and international trading of goods and commodities should obtain a valid general trade licence in the UAE.

The entire procedure for obtaining a general trading licence in Dubai is listed below.

Businesses who wish to engage in many trade operations that are unrelated to one another must get a general trading licence. This implies that these pursuits do not necessarily fall under the same industry. A single General commerce licence is necessary for a variety of operations to be conducted in the UAE. A few of these activities include trading in furniture or toys, buying and selling electronics, jewellery, and spare parts, as well as various import and export businesses. In order to conduct business in the UAE, wholesale trading enterprises also need a current General Trading licence. The trafficking of some products, such as tobacco and alcoholic beverages, is subject to certain limitations. The company must seek for external clearance from the responsible authority in order to trade in certain restricted products.

You can establish a trading firm in an offshore jurisdiction, a free zone, or the mainland of the UAE. Each jurisdiction has its advantages and disadvantages. The jurisdiction from which an investor has to request a trade licence should therefore be determined first. 

To learn more about the Freezone company set up or other jurisdictions, contact us.

How to obtain a General Trading License in Dubai: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Determine a trade name for your business.
  • Choose an appropriate legal form.
  • Complete the business ventures that will be specified in the licence.
  • Obtain the application for initial approval, fill it out completely, and submit it.
  • Activities that are restricted need outside authorization. Apply right away for any further clearance that your trading activity requires.
  • Submission of the necessary paperwork.
  • Locate a place that is ideal for beginning the trading business.
  • Create a tenancy agreement, then attest it.
  • Fill out the Final License form and submit it to Dubai’s Department of Economic Development.
  • Make the licensing payment.
  • Validity and Renewal of General Trading License

The General Trading licence is good for one year after the date of issuance. After the licence expires, a renewal must be approved in advance. You must provide the Dubai Department of Economic Development with the expired licence and the approved proof in order to renew. The renewed licence is good for five years.

The perks of obtaining a General Trading licence in the UAE

For investors and traders, getting a general trading licence in Dubai or the UAE presents a rewarding possibility. It offers a solid and dependable platform to increase revenue and supports business progress in the most ethical way possible.

Getting a General Trading licence in the UAE has several advantages:-

  • Zero Tax: The owner benefits from tax exemption in relation to profits and income.
  • Benefits of repatriation: The company is eligible for the full repatriation of its assets and profits.
  • Formalities are straightforward and easy – The processes for issuing licences are simple and straightforward. After the documentation phase is finish, the processes for issuing the licence can be completed in 10 days.
  • Benefits of multiple visas – The licence creates the possibility for the staff or workers of the licence holder to obtain multiple visas. The size of the office space determines how many staff visas are award. The more territory, the more visas are issue.
  • Exemption from annual Auditing – The licence holder is exempt from submitting the annual auditing report.
  • Increased trading opportunities – Every trader wants to take advantage of the markets to the utmost. By obtaining a General Trading licence in the UAE, the licence holder is able to engage in local, national, and international trade.
  • Sponsoring visas – Visa sponsorship is another benefit that is also offer to the licence holder’s dependents.

Bottom Line 

For traders and investors, obtaining a general trading licence in Dubai or the UAE presents a profitable possibility. It offers a solid and dependable platform to increase revenue and supports business progress in the most ethical way possible. We at Ontime Biz carry out the A to Z processes to assist you in obtaining a licence and setting up a related business here. For the best services and deals, contact us today.


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