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How to Identify the Decision Maker in a Company?

In every company, a key decision maker determines which ideas are brought to life and how they will execute. This person may not always be obvious, but once you know where to look, you can often find them. 

That’s why, as an employee working for that individual, it’s so important that you identify the right decision-maker as quickly as possible and understand how they think. 

Do they have the power? Are they willing to listen? Are you likely to approve of your idea? This article will discuss identifying the right decision maker.

Deciding who makes decisions in a company:

No matter how large your company is, you’ll find that only a handful of people have the final say on how things are executed. Depending on the organization’s size, these people may be the founders, the CEO, or a high-level manager. 

Once you learn to identify them, you can go one step further and determine their goals and learn how they want their company to operate. 

From there, you can make a much more informed decision as to whether an idea is a good fit for the place in the company where it will execute. 

It’s important to remember that each decision-maker has a level of authority in the company. While a finger is on the pulse of the company’s operations, they don’t have the full authority to set policies or make decisions that affect the entire organization.

Identifying the right decision maker:

When trying to identify the right decision maker, you’ll need to start with an understanding of the decision-making process in your company. The decision-making process in any given company is different from business to business and department to department. 

Numerous factors influence how any given department operates, including the company’s size. – the type of product or service being offered. – the culture of the company. 

The personalities of the people involved in the decision-making process. These factors can make it difficult to identify a company’s right decision-maker and determine its authority level.

How do you find the right decision-maker in a company?

Finding the right decision-maker in a company can be tricky. You’ll often need to contact someone in another department and hope they’re willing to share a little information. 

However, there are a few ways to find the right contact in a company. First, you can look up the specific person you’re trying to find in a company directory. 

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You can also contact the company’s HR department and see if there’s a contact listed for the decision maker you’re looking for. Whichever method you choose, you’ll need to be able to identify the person you’re looking for. 

Ideally, you should be able to find the name, title, and contact information of the decision maker in a company.

From there, you can attempt to reach out to the decision maker and find out if they’d be willing to connect with you and share a little about themselves.

Ways to identify who makes decisions in a company:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of your prospects:

Before adding a prospect or account to your pipeline, take the time to learn as much as you can about them. You may start with a basic Google search and go on to things like company and team members’ LinkedIn posts. 

Your chat will be more fruitful and relatable with more knowledge about your prospects. In addition, you’ll be able to connect the dots more effectively and approach the other team members of your prospects with greater assurance. 

Additionally, feeling more at ease with your prospects will increase your chances of locating decision-makers inside teams.

  • Understand who and what to watch for (build decision maker persona):

Knowing how businesses operate in that sector is essential if you’re targeting a certain industry or vertical within your market. How firms are organized varies; the same is true of how product decisions are made. 

Spend time on websites like LinkedIn to determine the size of the teams who use your product and the positions held by decision-makers. 

There will be teams where the decision-making process is more decentralized, so your outreach to VPs and Directors will go unanswered. They need to set realistic goals to improve the performance of the company.

Therefore, speeding up the process and assisting with an earlier closing by understanding in advance who the decision maker truly could be based on your study.

  • Search and social media for information:

You can easily do an online search for the decision makers in your target businesses if you know who they are normally. Then, on the first few pages of Google, you can get relevant results by using the search terms.

In addition, you can explore the team member list on the LinkedIn page of your target company using filters based on titles, keywords, etc. 

Then you may focus on the accounts you believe to be decision-makers, check their profiles on other social media platforms to get to know them better, and contact those people.

  • Obtain introductions via recommendations and contacts:

Using social media sites like LinkedIn, you may identify decision-makers at a target firm. Then, you can try to gain introductions from contacts you have in common. 

You may look for connections between you and your prospect or decision maker whenever you visit a profile on LinkedIn. 

If any people on the list of mutual connections are people you know personally, you may ask them to introduce you to your prospects as they already have a relationship.

  • Connect and get around barriers early:

Utilize your existing relationships with prospects outside the organization’s decision-makers to get introductions to senior management. 

You will need to make an effort to make it possible for users and product testers to promote a product inside their teams because they frequently lack the motivation to do so. 

Encourage these potential customers to transmit the transaction to the important stakeholders farther up the chain. For example, you may include presents and actions that speak to your prospect’s interests in the business. 

Giving them credit for deal closing, including discounts in the agreement, offering to include them in case studies, etc., might all help.

  • Events and Meetups:

Industry- and sector-specific events are excellent places to locate and connect with potential clients from your target businesses. Due to the cost of most such events, attendance is restricted to top management and decision-makers alone. 

You may discover decision-makers in your target company more easily by downloading and accessing the list of participants from such events, making it easier for you to contact them. 

Meeting up on such occasions provides access to these decision-makers and increases your chances of closing the business.

  • Make outgoing:

In keeping with what was mentioned in the social and search points above, personally interacting with potential decision-makers is another technique to select the best one. 

After locating potential customers online, you may contact them via email or social media to establish a connection and qualify them. 

Once you’ve contacted someone, you may start a conversation to find out if they are the person you were searching for.


Having a solid understanding of the decision-making process in your company can help you identify the right decision-maker. Once you know where to look, you can often find the decision maker in your company using the methods listed above. 

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When you know where to look for the right decision-maker, you can start identifying who that person is and what type of person they are. You can learn a lot more about the decision maker and how they approach life and business.


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