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Top Online Store Success Stories

Every eCommerce entrepreneur’s dream may be to build a fully functional online business and become one of the best success stories ever.(online business Singapore)

eCommerce is unquestionably expanding quickly and is predicted to continue expanding in the next years.

Do you intend to launch your company this year?

Or do you wish to dramatically increase your sales?

Whatever the case may be, we are here to help by offering you the best eCommerce success stories that will motivate you to realise your aspirations.

1. Beardbrand(online business Singapore)

transforming the neighbourhood into an online shop with daily sales of $20,000

Eric Bandholz, the company’s creator, has a magnificent beard.

His experience is deserving of being included among the success stories of eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Since the organisation was established, his love for grooming has propelled both him and his business to incredible heights. Bearbrand’s first iterations merely consisted of a blog and YouTube channel.

Regarding beard maintenance, Eric was writing online articles. He had the ability to examine the market more closely, and he soon discovered that the grooming sector needs fresh goods. Members of his community didn’t get their needs met.

Eric joined the market like any eCommerce business owner would, and his objective was to close this gap. The initial products were introduced in 2013, and the NYT blog piece that year was a turning point for his brand.

The community was operating normally, according to Eric Bandholz, when he was called by a NYT writer. The reporter was working on an article about beard care products when she noticed how his community was rapidly expanding.

The Beardbrand team put in a lot of effort as this feature approached, and they were able to open their online store one day before their blog was published on the New York Times. They were able to attract their initial clients in this way.

They developed a laser focus on their community, their goal, and their messaging throughout the ensuing years. These are the foundational elements of his eCommerce success.

You can tell that Bearbrand encourages guys to be proud of their beards as you browse through their online store. Or “beardmen,” as Eric refers to them. The store’s mission is to educate these “beardsmen” about their facial hair and teach them how to become the best versions of themselves. Fortunately, this strategy appears to have struck a chord with the store’s intended market, enabling the business to establish one of the most motivating Shopify ecommerce success tales.

Moreover..(online business Singapore)

Here, it’s crucial to remember that Bearbrand does more than just operate an online store for men’s grooming products. Their purpose, “To Foster Confidence Through Grooming,” is in line with their primary and most important reason for existing: to assist men in feeling more confident. It is clear from Beardbrand’s messaging to its target market that men require the company’s products to increase their confidence. Beardbrand is undoubtedly one of the most successful eCommerce business success stories as a result of all of these actions.

The most important lesson from this tale is that, if you want your tale to rank among the finest eCommerce success tales, you need consider why your company was founded in the first place.

You will be able to establish a stronger connection with your clients if you can articulate your “why” and have a clear objective.

You will develop genuine, long-lasting relationships as a result. Not to mention the success tale of your eCommerce venture you’ll publish.

2. Tree Hut: Best eCommerce Success Stories

Increasing sales by more than $20 million from an Etsy marketplace vendor to an eCommerce giant

Ever since Tree Hut began offering products on Etsy in 2014, everything has changed. Tree Hut now conducts direct sales through and has made over $20 million in sales. Additionally, the company has a head office in San Francisco that is 8,000 square feet in size and employs over 20 individuals. In this facility, they also produce their goods.

Growth of Tree Hut(online business Singapore)

After only two months of selling on Etsy, Tree Hut launched its own Shopify-powered store. This was a tiny investment because Tree Hut hasn’t raised any venture cash. Due to this, Tree Hut is unquestionably one of Shopify’s top eCommerce success stories.

The website of Tree Hut is always being updated. First off, they frequently test various features on their website. These can include altering the button’s colour or the font size. Second, the Tree Hut team is experimenting with different business strategies, such as when to send emails, how much to charge for free shipping, and how these modifications affect their conversion rates.

The best way to understand customers’ demands, according to Tree Hut CEO Julia Olson, is to test products or speak with them. She also emphasises how crucial it is to be original if you want to succeed in eCommerce.

Tree Hut’s social media presence is not very well-kept. But people like their fashion sense. They made the decision to place less emphasis on managing social media and more on getting a product in front of customers and constantly enhancing it.

Sales at Tree Hut have begun to increase significantly day by day. They must overcome all operational challenges because they are handling everything internally. They run a business that is quite operational, as you might expect.


Every watch sold by Tree Hut is manufactured by hand. As a result, it takes a long time—four to six months—to train someone to produce watches of the same calibre as Tree Hut. Although not everyone succeeds in becoming a watchmaker, they endeavour to provide opportunities for everyone.

According to Olson, they must hire watchmakers. But before recruiting, they must ascertain whether the candidate possesses the proper temperament and technical abilities to work as a watchmaker. They begin training them if everything is in order.

Finding the ideal location for their business is another difficulty. It’s not shocking to learn that Olson had always wanted to open a physical store as well as an online one. In order to do this, the Tree Hut staff relocated in 2015 but the store was never established. They relocated to their new offices, into her own home, because they were dissatisfied with the overall productivity in that particular site.

Olson was going through a very difficult time because she was concerned about hosting a business conference in her home. She was concerned about her company’s reputation.

After a hectic holiday season in 2017, they finally relocated to their present office in San Francisco.

Olson still has aspirations of building a Tree Hut experimental physical store where people may design their own timepieces.

The fact that Tree Hut primarily focuses on growth and currently generates more than $20 million in income from their online sales makes them one of the top eCommerce success stories.

Source: online business Singapore , how do you start your own business online

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