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Know All About Horse Reiki

A few individuals believe it is true, while others do not. Certain people would believe in it, while others wouldn’t. If you’re doing it or not, it’s a fact that animal reiki is getting increasingly sought-after. It’s not just horses who benefit from this. Know All About Horse Reiki and how it does with your horse.


Before diving into this article, you might consider reading it before we start. The Reiki for Horses handbook is a handy, straightforward guide for all Reiki Practitioners who wish to work with horses.


The 98-page handbook (featuring more than 35 topics) was written by the UK horse healer Jan Barley who has been practicing Reiki Master since 2000 and has been working with horses professionally since 1995.

How does Horse Reiki work?

Reiki is a form of spirituality. However, let’s clear some myths first. It is often referred to as a religion, but this is incorrect. It’s not. However, its origins could be in the past of Asian philosophy, like Taoism and Buddhism. It isn’t a religion or a part of any religious notion on its antalya escort own.


The second reason is that practices are a doctor. They’re not; they aren’t considered veterinarians and cannot diagnose. It is important to note that the practice of Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment. Instead, it’s an alternative and complementary medicine.


Reiki has first introduced in 1922 thanks to the efforts of Mikao Usui. The practice was introduced to the West through the efforts of Hawayo Takata, who was studying in the company of Mikao Usui. Since then, many practitioners and diverse (often conflicting) guidelines on Reiki emerged, but the fundamentals have the same principles.


The foundation of Reiki is within the energy of life, referred to as Qi (also known as Chi). Qi is a kind of energy that, according to Taoist and Buddhist beliefs, is believed to be the life force that animates everything living. In Reiki, the practitioner manipulates the life force that will then assist the client in healing. For this to happen, the patient must allow the energy infused into the body.


The practitioner channelizes the power, the qi, in their bodies and transmits it to the client by applying their hands to the client’s body or touching them with very gentle pressure. This assists in realigning and eliminating the blocks within the body.


Don’t confuse this method with a massage. Although massage therapists may use Reiki in their treatments, they are distinct methods. To do this, one must be tuned to become a Reiki Master. Some Reiki practitioners may use Reiki from a distance without conversing with the client.

Exactly how does Horse Reiki work?

Animal Reiki works the same method. Qi Qi, known in Taoist theory, is a universal energy. In Taoist thought, animals, as well as all living things, possess Qi. The practitioner uses it the same way they apply it to human beings. Similar to humans, animals need to be able to accept Reiki. According to some studies, the majority of animals will get it. Some might even do the practice themselves.

Horses, specifically in their way, are very observant animals. They can sense human emotions, which is why they are a fantastic source of comfort and healing. The benefits of horse-assisted therapy, both psychological and physical, are very well-known. This is why they are excellent recipients of Reiki.

Many trainers begin the class without the horse. They must be in a calm, peaceful, and tranquil environment. It is essential to provide water and feed to the horse before the session begins.

If the horse agrees to the Reiki, it will be brought closer to the person practicing and then apply his hands to him. However, being physically in the vicinity of the horses isn’t essential as some people may be able to perform the practice from afar or even from different states. This is due to beliefs that Reiki can be directed regardless of distance. It’s not based on faith either, as per Reiki Master Teachers.

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How effective is Horse Reiki?


Many people believe in the efficacy of equine Reiki. A lot of people think that horses relax or sleep during the session. They may show improvement and be more active as well.


However, there isn’t any evidence to support any evidence of Qi or the efficacy of Reiki. The research suggests it’s no more than placebo effects. The treatment with Reiki is not a substitute for conventional treatments and therapies. It’s not a magical cure or diagnosis tool.


Whatever the belief system, Reiki should be done only as a complement, not as the primary source. No central body governs Reiki practitioners; it is recommended to locate one via suggestions. There’s the International Association for Reiki Practitioners However; membership is not necessary.


Although any scientific evidence doesn’t back horse Reiki, It’s pretty safe. If it’s not done correctly, the horse Reiki will not do anything; when it’s at its best, it’ll be an enjoyable experience for the horse and rider.


Some people even conduct treatments for humans and horses. This can add a new dimension to the human-horse bond.

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