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How To Improve Research Writing Skills In Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is the method of analysing or collecting textual information for the well-being of humanity. This type of research aims to gather opinions and new ideas to improve the research writing skills. Yet, qualitative research is anti-parallel to quantitative research. In quantitative research, statistical tools analyse the numerical form of data. Research writing skills are equally important to raise the standards of both types of research. In other words, these are several ways to improve research writing skills of qualitative and quantitative researchers. The research writing skills depend on the data’s availability; hence, specified research writing skills are necessary to deal with new ideas or opinions. This article will discuss the Techniques that a research writer needs to know to improve research writing skills in qualitative research.

Qualitative Research Writing Skills

At the college and university, the level student gives their best to impress their tutors. The appreciation from the tutor and the dream of getting good marks in final examinations motivates them. If you are one of them, then the following techniques will make your dreams come true.

Make an appropriate time plan

One of the most basic technique to improve research writing skills is to make a proper plan. Before starting the work on qualitative research writing, try to make a complete work plan. To do this, divide the components of the qualitative research and make a schedule. Below is a mock schedule that you can use for making your own.

Research Writing Components Time Assigned to Each Task
Research work  2-3 days
Data analysis 2-3 days
Making a rough draft 1-2 days
Revision of a rough draft 1 day
The last effort to improve the research writing (quality of work) 10 hours
Final formatting before submission 1 day (try to revise many times).

The organised time plan can help you better manage the qualitative research work. This plan will help you to spend time according to the weightage of each component. The more organised a person is, the more academic success he can ensure. You can make your own plan to manage even the minor details of the research work.

Multi-Dimensional Approach

Multi-dimensional approaches are those techniques where researchers need to consider all possible pros and cons of an issue. This technique helps to improve research writing skills in a very effective manner. Students often consider only the advantageous effects of a policy or an idea and forget to add details on the dark side of the issue. Some students often like to buy dissertaton online. Let’s suppose you are a student in the business and management programme. And, you want to conduct qualitative research to test the role of rewards and motivations on the performance of the employees. Then, your qualitative research writing must include both the bright and dark sides of the process under study.

Creditable Research Sources

The research writing skills of students depend upon the type of research sources they approach to conduct research. The more credible the research sources; are, the more profound research writing skills it will reflect. The following list will clear your view about the credible and incredible sources;

List of credible sources

  • Google Scholar
  • Books
  • Scopus
  • Academia
  • SAGE publishing
  • Science Direct
  • Taylor and Francis Online
  • Microsoft Academics
  • Official websites of the organisation
  • Official websites of health care professionals
  • BBC News

List of incredible sources

  • Encyclopaedias
  • Wikipedia
  • YouTube
  • Blog
  • Org web content
  • Online dictionaries
  • Consultant sites

Effective thesis statement

Thesis statement is the sentence that has the potential, to sum up, the main theme of research. A reader can locate it in the last few line of the introduction. In every type of academic writings, the formulation of the thesis statement is necessary. Both types of researches (qualitative and quantitative) thesis statements play the same role. The Following are some techniques to write a good thesis statement for your qualitative work;

  • Research well before making a thesis statement for your qualitative work
  • Narrow down the scope of the topic to make a good thesis statement
  • The narrowing extent of the topic depends on the length of the paper
  • Consider a paper that closely resembles your qualitative research work. Spend some time to know how the other author wrote that paper. This technique will help you to solve many of the initial queries.
  • The more you brainstorm, the more effective your thesis statement will be.
  • The thesis statement must be eye-catching as it represents the core of the research paper.

Unbiased arguments

The use of objective data to support the findings of your work is a good idea. You can also add opinions to enhance the originality of your work. Unbiased arguments mean you need to portray both sides of the picture. So, use others’ work and mix it with the flavour of your opinion to improve research writing in context of qualitative research standards. This practice will help you learn analytical thinking skills and become entry-level scientists.

Coherent Text

The common gap in students’ qualitative research writing work is their inability to maintain a logical flow in the paper. This issue is more prominent in qualitative research writing because it often needs to address new ideas for the betterment of an organisation. Some important techniques to solve these problems are as follows;

  • Do not abruptly shift from one point of discussion to another
  • Try to write similar ideas in adjacent paragraphs
  • Try to use a few keywords from the new argument that you are going to discuss in the next paragraph
  • Well connected paragraphs will help you to make the content of your qualitative paper coherent

Diagrams, Tables and Figures

Another technique that can improve research writing skill is to add the following:

  • Tables
  • Graphs
  • Diagrams
  • Screenshots
  • Experimental pictures
  • SmartArt

These things will help you to improve research writing skills. These visual aids help a writer to understand the exact meaning of your statement. Apart from conceptual understanding, it also helps the writer convey his message using only a few words.


After completing their qualitative research paper, students often find it difficult to revise. Often, they are in a hurry to get rid of the burdensome research work. Under the load of their continuous research work, they submit the document before revising it. This practice deprives them of the chance of ‘learning from mistake’ opportunity.

Thus, to improve research writing you can follow this comprehensive guide. This guide will serve the purpose and will definitely help you to improve research writing skills in no time.

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