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How to Move SQL Database to Another Server?

I’ll show you how to effortlessly move a SQL database between one server towards another. merter escort I will give you three options to choose from. I’ll additionally offer you an automatic tool for transferring the entire database.

You will discover the following information in this post:

What are the benefits to Transfer SQL Database from One Server to Another?
There are several options for transferring your database.
The advantages of using corporate tools such as SQL Server Database Migrator.

What are the Benefits of Moving SQL Databases from One Server to Another?

There are situations where database supervisors all over the world have to transfer their databases between one server and another. It includes, but isn’t really confined to, the following:

Upgrade- You have eventually resolved to upgrade the existing SQL server towards a better recent edition.
Shifting to the cloud- Once a company has eventually chosen to relocate its on-premise database towards the cloud.

Mechanism 1: Using Backup & Recovery, Move SQL Database to Another Server

To begin with, make a backup of your current SQL database. The backup file is then restored. It’s a two-part process.

Establish a Backup File

  • Start SQL Server Management Studio to get to the object explorer.
  • Designate a Transfer Database out of the drop-down selection when right-clicking on the database you want to migrate.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose Tasks > Back Up.
  • In the Backup Database dialogue box, set the Back type to full and the Destination to Disk.
  • Hit Add to create a backup location.
  • Press OK to complete the backup process.

You’ll have a backup in a matter of seconds. This backup must now be restored to your new server and computer. Follow the instructions provided to move a database from one server to another.

Utilizing SSMS to Recover the Backup

  • SSMS is a database management system that allows you to connect to your database.
  • With a right-click, choose your database. Then, from the drop-down menu, select Tasks, then Restore > Database.
  • A new dialogue box called Restore Database appears.
  • Choose From Device in the Source for Restore section. After that, select your backup file by selecting the browse button (…).
  • Select File as the backup medium in the Specify Backup box.
  • By choosing Add, one may select a backup file. After that, hit the OK button.
  • Choose Options from the Select a page panel in the Restore Database box.
  • Make any necessary changes to the Restore settings and Recovery state, then click OK.

In a few moments, your backup will be reinstated.

Mechanism 2: By using the Copy Wizard, Move SQL Database to Another Server

Follow the procedures below to move a database from one server to another:

  • By running SSMS, you may go to the object explorer.
  • After right-clicking on a database, choose Task > Copy Database from the menu.
  • This is where you should put the source server. After you’ve entered your server’s username and password, click Next.
  • Choose SQL Server Authentication and provide the destination server’s name.
  • After choosing the Use SQL Management Object Approach option, tap Next.
  • After checking the copy box, move on to the next step by clicking Next.
  • Ensure that the MDF and LDF files are on the target server.
  • When you click the “Run Immediately” button, the database is copied right away.
  • By clicking on it, you’ll be able to complete the process.
  • The database is being duplicated in a few seconds.
  • Refresh the target server for the freshly copied database to display.

Mechanism 3: Utilising the Import & Export Wizard, Migrate a SQL Server Database

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio has an integrated feature called Import & Export.

  • Select tasks in the SSMS application by right-clicking on the database.
  • By selecting the little triangle symbol, you may choose a database, data source, and server name.
  • After that, decide where you want your copy to go.
  • Choose which tables and views will be used as sources. Then, on the next screen, hit the Next button.

When the operation is finished, have a look at your exported files.

Mechanism 4: Creating Scripts to copy Databases from one Server to Another

  • It’s time to open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).
  • After that, right-click on the database, go to tasks and select Generate Scripts from the drop-down menu.
  • Individual database entries are specified using the Choose Objects menu on the left.
  • Under Set Scripting Options, choose Advanced and Save to the new query window.
  • Select Schema and Data from the Advanced Scripting Options drop-down menu, then press OK.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio has a number of Disadvantages.

These approaches, as effective as they are, have the following disadvantages:

  • They consume a significant portion of your time. These procedures aren’t suggested if you’re strapped for time.
  • It might be tedious to go through each and every phase one by one if you are not a particularly technical guy.
  • It’s possible that your whole data set will not be sent. This will result in a mistake and a significant loss of hours.

Mechanism 5: Corporate Software for SQL Database Transferring

Utilize professional business applications to migrate your database from one server to another to prevent all of the challenges & time commitments associated with the preceding techniques.

It not only helps you to move SQL database to another server or keep it on the same network, but it also helps you with:

A Step-by-Step Guide for Moving SQL Databases to a New Server

  1. The SysTools SQL Server Migrator Tool is available for download and installation.
  2. By pressing the Open button, you create a new SQL Server database.
  3. The program supports both online and offline browsing of SQL Server databases.
  4. Select Online Mode to proceed with the processing.
  5. Then, Authenticated Live SQL Server from the drop-down menu.
  6. Select the proper SQL Server database from the drop-down option.
  7. Press OK to continue the transaction.
  8. To see a preview of the SQL Server database scanning findings, press Close.
  9. The SQL Server Database Objects that were loaded next should be examined.
  10. SQL Server Database Tables, Views, Procedures, and Rules may be seen in depth.
  11. Then hit the Export button to start the transfer process.
  12. The utility provides two conversion options: SQL Server Database and SQL Server Scripts.
  13. The next migration type is SQL Server Database.
  14. Select a server name that necessitates authentication.
  15. It doesn’t matter whether the target database is new or old.
  16. After that, choose Collation Settings (if demanded).
  17. Identify the SQL Server Database Objects that are migrated.
  18. Select between a schema-only or a schema-and-data export option.
  19. Hit Save to continue the procedure.
  20. A pop-up window with the title “Export Completed” opens; choose OK.
  21. To save the report, use the Close button. Yes was chosen.
  22. By selecting the location and clicking OK, you save the report.


Numerous database analysts have difficulty moving their databases between one server towards another. I hope this post was helpful in migrating your data.

The Backup & Restore Wizard in SSMS is used in the first solution. In a second way, you’ll use the copy wizard to copy your database. This article taught you how to move your data in three different methods.

However, if you don’t have the time or technical know-how, these approaches aren’t suggested.

Finally, we may utilize automatic professional software like SysTools SQL Server Database Migrator, the third and last option.

Leave your thoughts in the comments area below if you have any additional ideas about how to migrate a database from one server to another.

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