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How to Use Custom Candle Packaging Boxes to Promote Your Brand

When it comes to custom candles, luxury candle packaging boxes are a great choice. They can be fully customized with a brand identity and artwork. Full-color printing ensures that the artwork has plenty of space, while a matte or glossy aqueous coating draws attention to the design. If you don’t want to use any printing, you can choose a plain candle gift box. Depending on your product, cardstocks are best for small, lightweight candles, while corrugated cardboard works for heavy, bulky candles.

Corrugated Cardboard:

The interior of the candle gift box should match the branding of the brand. Corrugated cardboard is ideal for high-quality Candle Packaging Boxes that feature high-resolution printing of the logo or brand name. You can use full-color printing of the logo to make the candle gift box stand out from the rest. Choose from matte, glossy, or high-gloss aqueous coating for enhanced visibility and attention. If you are looking for a high-quality candle gift box that will last for years, choose corrugated cardboard.

Cardboard is a great option for custom candle boxes because it is environmentally friendly and inexpensive. The core of the box is made from durable, corrugated cardboard with a thin white liner. However, it doesn’t have the sturdiness of metal boxes, and you may have trouble maintaining a clean look. Hence, corrugated cardboard may not be the best option for your custom candle boxes.


White cardstock offers brighter colors and is lighter, it won’t hold the weight of a candle. Corrugated cardboard, on the other hand, is heavier and more durable. If your product is delicate, it is better to choose cardstock. Single-layer cardstock is also suitable for lighter items, such as candles. This type of material allows vivid color to shine through. Corrugated cardboard is durable enough to double as a shipping box.

Window Printing:

Whether you’re selling handcrafted candles or gourmet chocolates, window printing on custom candle boxes is an excellent way to capture a customer’s attention and enhance your sales. The window can be either an opaque or transparent window, and there are many ways to utilize it to your advantage. Custom window candles are ideal for displaying a product’s size, color, and brand. Custom window candles are durable enough to accommodate multiple standing candles.

Embossed patterns are an excellent way to make your product stand out. Embossed patterns add visual texture, and embossed designs add relief at pressure points. Foil stamping is another great way to emphasize your logo or candle scent. This type of design is particularly appropriate for holiday scents or other similar promo products. Embossed window boxes can be customized to showcase your logo or message with a beautiful metallic finish.

Hot Foil Stamping:

Adding a splash of luxury to your packaging is easy with hot foil stamping. This technique applies a thin layer of metallic foil onto the paper surface to create a mirror-like finish. Whether you are looking for a special edition candle or a stylish presentation for standard candles, hot foil stamping is a perfect choice. Just be sure to order a sample before ordering the entire order. Hot foil stamping gives your candle boxes a mirror-like finish.

Once your hot foil stamping is complete, it is time to select a shipping container. Corrugated cardboard is a great choice for shipping candles, as it’s strong and durable. It also doubles as a shipping box. However, this type of packaging will cost you more per item, so consider your options carefully.


Using windows on custom candle packaging boxes has a number of advantages. Adding windows to the packaging increases product attractiveness, which is crucial to a successful business. In addition to improving the product’s aesthetics, the window style also allows the buyer to inspect the contents without removing the packaging. As a result, customers are more likely to purchase the product from a company that takes the time to enhance the packaging. They are also more likely to buy a product with window printing than one without a window.

Digitally printed cardboard candle packaging boxes are perfect for appealing packaging. With their flexibility in terms of color and size, they are also cheaper and faster to produce. A 3D logo embossed on a custom candle box can enhance the brand image of a business and increase sales. The logo can be embossed on the entire box or just a section of it. This method is effective for both packaging and logo design and offers great value for money.

3D Logo Embossing:

Using custom-printed candle boxes as an advertising medium for your business is a great way to promote your brand while at the same time promoting your fragrance. In addition to adding a professional and attractive touch to your candles, 3D logo embossing also adds depth to the box, protecting them from any dripping wax melts. Moreover, Custom Printed Boxes are a great marketing strategy as they are inexpensive and can be produced very quickly.

In addition to the 3D logo embossing, these custom candle packaging boxes can have various other features that can help promote your brand and its products. For example, the box can have a gold foil paper outline, a silver foil, or even a 3D logo. Some of these amenities are offered for free and are free of charge, while others may add a fee to the packaging. Whether you are selling handmade or commercially, custom candle boxes are a great marketing tool. With high-quality packaging, your brand name will be seen and will be consistent across products.

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