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Is it a good Choice for Indian students to study in Italy?

Study in Italy for Indian Students

Okay, so I can say on this that this isn’t even a question to ask because it is a good choice for Indian students to study in Italy.

Well, I can tell you that due to its academic excellence Italy has attracted a lot of international students who come to Italy every year just to study at their favorite University and to get to study the course of their choice.

Study in Italy

One thing that I can assure you of about being studying here is the quality of education as I can say that almost about 30K students from different international countries come to Italy to study their favorite course and that too in their favorite or their dream university as Italy is a beautiful country in itself.

Apart from studying, there is so much to explore in Italy because Italy is such a beautiful country that it has such beautiful places that you can explore and you can go while studying too so I can say that you should go for studying in Italy.

Reasons Why Studying In Italy for Indian Students?

There are many good reasons why studying in Italy for Indian students should be considered the best option to study in Europe. Throughout the middle Ages and the Renaissance, some of the first modern universities in Europe were established in Italy. The University of Bologna, established in 1088, is one of the oldest universities in Italy, still in operation.

Although most study in Italy is conducted in Italian, for international students in Italy, all higher education programs are taught in English. Italy is very dominant in the studies of Research and Science, Art and Architecture, Design and Fashion.

What is the Cost of Living in Italy for Overseas Students?

The cost of living in this country for overseas students varies from city to city. The cost of living in Florence, Rome and Milan is comparatively higher than those Italian cities such as Turin and Bologna.

Students can consider that the average cost of living in Italy, which includes student accommodation, food, the cost of local transport, utility bills, etc., would range from approximately 1000 to 1500 EUROS per month.

IELTS for Study in Italy

You May need IELTS for study in Italy as so many universities need IELTS qualification for get admission. It also helps you to get Visa easily. So join best IELTS coaching in Lucknow to get best preparation for study abroad.

As far as the Indian students are concerned, then I can tell you that that you. Also don’t need to worry about anything because Italy is a country that has been providing the best quality of education for many years. So, I can say that the universities there are well built along with good infrastructure. Also, even the professors there are highly experienced so I can say that you shouldn’t have any worries.

Now, I am going to tell you some of the advantages that why you need to study in Italy?

Some More Reason to Choose Italy

Not only this, but I will also tell you why Indian students should also prefer to study in Italy. So, some of the points are:-

  • Italy has the best education quality and there has been no compromise in that. As it has the best universities too for all the different courses. Also, students can take admission in any of their favorite courses. Not only this, they have a variety of courses available. Which the students can do and they can also go for a degree or a diploma too.
  • Apart from providing the best quality education, Italy is also being considered as an excellent country. They are for providing jobs to all the students after completing their graduation from the university in Italy itself. After studying from any of the Italian universities, the university. Ensures that the student gets the job of their choice where ever possible.
  • The degree that is being provided from the Italian universities are also being worldwide recognized. So you don’t have to worry about that too. Even if you go for a job in some other country then you won’t have to worry about that.
  • Although, most of the time the Italian language is being used there for the international students the courses are being available in the English language too. So I can tell that a comfortable environment is provided to all the students.

Benefits to Studying in Italy

So, you see there are many benefits to studying in Italy. I believe that you should go for it as it’s worth a try.

If you want to know more about studying in Italy then you can contact study in Italy consultants, the best study abroad consultant in India. Since study in Italy consultants are the best study abroad consultants, you can get in roach with them anytime.

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