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Liquid flow sensors: High Performance and Low-cost Device

In this modern industrial era, choosing high-performing, precise, and economical sensors has utmost importance. It is important to derive final quality outcomes related to production and manufacturing. A liquid flow sensor works to measure the volumetric flow rate of moving liquid. It measures the flow rate of fluids by measuring the velocity of the fluid flowing inside the pipe. This sensor has different types that are used actively among various industries. Therefore, you must take a look at them to make an informed decision to choose the best flow rate measuring equipment.

Performance and Features

As a general rule, the ability and performance of liquid flow rate measuring devices can make a difference. When you have to measure the different types of fluids, these devices can work effectively. They can efficiently measure slurries, gas, steam, conductive, and clean fluids. These sensors are capable of measuring the temperature, density, and velocity of the liquids flowing inside pipes. These measuring devices also include alarms and fluid controlling functions. So, they can serve you with a controlled flow rate measuring of the fluids. They are loaded with the features to deliver analog and digital results using output meters.

Turbine Flow Meters

These meters or sensors are the economic choices that you can use for flow rate measurement. They contain rotation blades that rotate with the flow of liquids. These meters work to measure the flow rate of clean water as the slurries and components might hinder the working. But, you can get top-notch accuracy of flow rate measurement using these devices. Therefore, if you have clean water measurement needs, you can consider this liquid flow sensor to fulfill your needs. The flow rate of liquid is equal to the velocity of the liquid flowing inside the meter pipe.

Vortex Flow Meter

It is another example of a high-performing liquid measuring sensor you can use to measure volumetric flow rate. This contains a bluff body to cause obstruction in the flow that changes the viscosity of the liquid. The meter works to derive the flow rate using the frequency of the vortices. The vortices frequency is proportional to the flow velocity, which is the flow rate measuring function of this sensor. It comes with a digital output screen to send the output and comes without moving parts. This is higher in accuracy and has lower maintenance.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

If you want to use slurry, dirty, and thick liquids, then you can use this sensor. This liquid flow sensor works by using ultrasound waves to measure the flow rate of liquids. It works by sending the ultrasound waves from one point to another to compute the time traveled by the waves. The meter can be used as an external clamp-on device to the large-sized pipes. This is an accurate flow meter that might come with an increased price but is inexpensive to maintain.

To sum up

Choosing a liquid flow sensor with high accuracy and low cost is not a complicated task. However, the important thing to the context of industrial application is relevance. You must choose the device that suits your specific needs. Therefore, it is always important to consult with the experts. They can provide you with the best recommendation for the flow sensors. They will provide you with firmer knowledge about the use, maintenance, and application of the required sensor.

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