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Minoxidil for Hair Loss in Female & its Side Effects

On average, a woman loses 100 to 150 hairs daily. Once these hairs are lost, it’s challenging to bring them back. So fast hair treatment is the best option. There is a drug known as minoxidil that can stop hair loss, and in some cases, it also regrows new hairs. There are some minoxidil side effects of using this drug that come in lotion for women. Minoxidil will only assist if your hair results from female pattern baldness. If it is due to some other condition, then minoxidil will not work.

Hair growth

In a typical scenario, one hair grows half an inch every month for six years, and then it falls out. It is replaced by new hair that extends for the next six years. And this way, the cycle is maintained. You would be amazed to know that only 85 percent of your hairs grow in average hair growth. At the same time, the other 15 percent of your hair is resting.
But if you have female pattern baldness, your hair strands can get minor and more negligible with time. And when they fall off, they are not replaced by normal hairs. Thinner and weaker hairs replace them.

Benefits of minoxidil

In most women, minoxidil for hair loss slows or stops hair loss. It also helps new hair to grow. It is advised to use it as quickly as you discover your hair loss. You can try it without a doctor’s medication. However, we would suggest you visit the doctor and take their advice. It will be favorable if you see a dermatologist.

  • Hair loss is slowed.
  • Hair follicles are stimulated to make new hair.
  • Results in roughly four months for women and 2-4 months for men have been clinically confirmed.
  • The anagen stage of the hair development cycle is lengthened
  • Blood circulation in tiny blood veins is revitalized.
  • Hair becomes thicker as a result of this treatment.

Disadvantages of minoxidil

Expense: It’s costly as compared to our regular products. And once you begin the treatment, you have to be regular with it. Because as soon as you stop using it, you will stop receiving the results. So you need to purchase it regularly, which can ruin your budget.
Unwanted hair growth: Women may face unwanted facial hair growth. This can be due to applying minoxidil on the face by mistake. Or you may take it as typical minoxidil side effects.
Minoxidil hair fall: You can notice an increase in hair loss in the first 2 or 4 weeks. But don’t worry about it because the new hairs are dragging out your old hairs.
Irritation: When applying this, you may find some irritation in your skin. You can accept this as one of the minoxidil side effects.


Minoxidil may not suit everyone. It may also cause serious side effects. So, it is suggested to visit a dermatologist before the treatment to avoid the severe minoxidil side effect. Also, the minoxidil hair loss is average. Don’t panic! It will do its work with time. But remember, once you have started using minoxidil, you have to use it regularly to see the results.

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