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New Vehicles That Kia Is Coming Out With In 2022

Kia Motors is one of the oldest car manufacturers and the fifth largest automobile industry globally. It has produced more than one million premium vehicles to date.

The company has some exciting news for all car lovers.  It is launching some amazing cars that you will eventually fall in love with.

If you want to purchase some super cool vehicles, then visit the Kia for sale page to purchase the vehicle of your choice. But, before that, let’s dive in to know the type of vehicles that will be launched.

New Vehicles

Below is the list of some tech-savvy vehicles that will be launched in 2022.

1.      2022 Kia Sportage Hybrid

Kia Motors takes pride in launching a hybrid vehicle equipped with advanced technology for its tech-savvy customers.

You don’t need a key to enter into this creative all-wheel-drive vehicle.  The Sportage consists of many standard features such as a flat-bottom steering wheel with a paddle shifter, panoramic sunroof, black roof rails, and much more. However, without comprising the classy look of the automobile, the safety of the people was kept in mind.

It consists of forwarding collision detection, driver attention warning, and lane-keeping assistance. The improved safety features will protect the people, passengers, and drivers from catastrophe.

We simply cannot wait until this automobile is launched.

2.      2022 Kia Carnivals Changes

This all-new vehicle is said to replace the Sedona Minivans. The new design, name, and unique features will change the concept of the minivans completely. According to KIA, it is the most multi-purpose vehicle ever manufactured.

It is a spacious vehicle and offers good cargo room to the passengers. Thus, the passengers can keep their important things such as bags, boxes, etc., and enjoy their rides comfortably. Moreover, it is specially built for family vacations.

The engine produces 290 horsepower and 262 lb. ft. Torque. Moreover, its towing capacity is more than 3,500 pounds, making this vehicle the best.

3.      2022 Kia Forte Changes

The compact sedan has undergone great advancements to ease people’s lives. With a new front and back design, a 10.35-inch widescreen navigation display, and a colorful LCD cluster will change your perceptions about the sedan. In addition, it is manufactured using GT technology that offers ADAS features.

The attractive headlights, unique tail-lights, and innovative wheel design make Kia Forte Change worth buying.

Moreover, there are comfortable seats and enough legroom for the passengers to enjoy their rides. Kia motors have surely worked hard to manufacture this premium vehicle.

4.      2022 Kia K5 Sedan

Looking for a sporty vehicle to drive in 2022? Kia is coming out with advanced technology sporty vehicles consisting of turbocharged engine options. It is a vehicle to die for because it offers many advanced features that will completely transform your driving experiences.

You have two engine choices: a GT 2.5L turbocharged engine with 290 hp, which offers 311 1b. ft. torque. The other engine is a standard 180hp turbo engine with 195 lb. ft. Torque.

The other features include a standard forward-collision, blind-spot collision, and navigation-based smart cruise control. These features protect the driver and the passengers from untimely accidents.

5.      2022 Kia Seltos

Kia has upgraded its small SUVs crossover so people can enjoy their driving experience. Kia Seltos will be available in 4 trims, including a 2.0 four-cylinder engine that produces 146 horsepower, making it fuel-efficient and an economical vehicle to drive.

The GL turbocharged engine generates almost 175 horsepower. The vehicle is equipped with advanced technology. When it rains, the all-wheel-drive mode can be locked, and the power is distributed equally to support the wheels.

Its distinct style will surely add charm to your personality. Moreover, it is available in nine colors. So, choose the color you like and drive like never before.

6.      2022 Kia Stinger

Confused about purchasing a sporty vehicle or a luxurious one? Don’t get confused because Kia is launching a luxurious, sporty sedan to meet all your needs.

It consists of a high-tech system and a 2.5L turbocharged engine that produces 300 horsepower. In addition, the driver can choose the twin-turbo 3.3L engine that can produce 368 horsepower.

Kia stinger will not disappoint the drivers as it is a fuel-effective vehicle. Furthermore, keeping the comfort of the passengers in mind, the seats of the vehicles are comfortable and luxurious. Furthermore, being a sporty vehicle, it keeps the passengers’ comfort in mind as it consists of smart cruise control, blind-spot collision warning, forward collision warning, and rear-cross traffic collision warning.

7.      2022 Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento is a minivan designed for families as seven people can sit comfortably in the vehicle. Moreover, it offers efficient cargo space and handsome interior space so families can enjoy their rides. Kia carnival consists of a 2.5L cylinder engine and produces 182 lb. – ft. torque and power steering.

The safety features include blind-spot collision warning, rear-cross traffic collision, and auto-emergency braking system. Its towing capacity is almost 2,000 lbs.  8 USB chargers are available in all three rows for the users’ convenience.  Moreover, it is under a ten-year warranty program.

Kia Sorento consists of a sporty body and seventeen-inch alloy wheels.  This all-wheel drive is all you need to add charm to your personality.

8.      2022 Kia Soul

Kia soul is the most versatile vehicle which Kia motors will launch.  It will be available in six colors so passengers can choose the vehicle of their choice.

It comes with a 2.0L engine that produces 147 horsepower. Moreover, the vehicle is safe to be driven as it consists of forwarding collision assistance, a blind spot collision warning, six airbags, electronic stability control, and a tire pressure monitoring system as well.

Other than the safety features, there are many other innovative features too. For example, the sixteen-inch alloy wheels and the classy body of the vehicle make it versatile.

Thus, Kia Soul is indeed a symbol of class!

9.      2022 Kia Telluride

Kia Telluride is the classiest SUV you can buy.  It consists of a 3.8-liter engine with 291 horsepower. It is also paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission that distributes power to the front wheels.

Its towing capacity is almost five thousand lb. so that a trailer can be pulled smoothly. The vehicle’s safety features include forward collision, blind-spot collision avoidance, and lane-keeping assistance as well.  For the convenience of the driver, a parking distance warning feature is also added to the vehicle.

With an eighteen-inch alloy wheel, leather power steering wheel, and a classy body, your driving experience will be enhanced.

10.  2020 EV6

For the first time ever, a practical electric vehicle will be launched by Kia motors in 2020.  This SUV is more than the features describe it. With its launch, the new era of electric cars will be launched.

For Kia motors, safety is the most important feature in the vehicle. Thus, this vehicle is also equipped with advanced safety features. Moreover, the luxurious interior will add more charm to the vehicle.

In addition to that, the intelligent light system will give you the best visibility during stormy weather. It also consists of multiple LEDs to give a piano look to create a visual statement.

EV6 consists of a high-speed charging system. The reason is that you can spend more time driving and less time driving. You can go on a trip with this vehicle without worrying about its battery life.  Don’t worry about safety at all. It is the safest electric vehicle you can drive.

The sporty look will grab the attention of everyone. So who is stopping you from buying the finest electric vehicle?


We hope you enjoyed reading about the advanced technology cars that Kia will be launching soon. The latest vehicles are specially manufactured, keeping the comfort and safety of the audience. With the launch of these vehicles, Kia motors will rule the automobile industry.

If you want to buy high-quality Kia cars, check the page of used cars for sale in Kenya. This page sells quality and trusted vehicles that you can buy. Hence, check the page and purchase the vehicle of your choice.


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