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SEO Basics, Getting Started with Search Engine Optimization.

One of the goals of entrepreneur’s, businessmen and, basically, anyone those who seeks notoriety on the Internet, is to achieve privileged top positions in search engines.

For this reason, Last few months, We were in a research to find the solution as well as in this article we will teach you in a simple and easy way that how to appear in Google and stand out from your competitions.

It is very important to note that to reach the top of Google you need to take into account many details & descriptions, at the same time, understand that there are both several organic and paid ways to do it.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM are those most renewed techniques and actions designed to get ahead in Google top by investing money in ads.

However, those are strategies aimed at businesses and individuals with significant capital available especially corporates those who have a optimum budget.

Although these investments can be very profitable if you are keeping eye to your Google analytics, for example, when promoting a Landing Page with keywords with high purchase potential, the truth is that you can also opt for organic strategies and good SEO practices that guarantee good results and, At the same time, I save

Surely you’re wondering what you should do to make 2022 the year of your ultimate success… Yes, we thought the same about 2015 and that’s how it went for us. But we’re sure that the next one will be much better. Why? There is no reason to.

Now, sit down, pour yourself a glass of your best wine, and pay close attention.

A few days before the end of the year, the holidays are approaching, the entertainment, lots of food, gaining weight, hangover and back to work. And it is that all good things come to an end, but also the bad. Do you want to know how to face all this that is coming and start next year on the right foot?

That’s why you can’t miss our compendium of trends for the coming year and thus you will start knowing everything you need for your next campaigns.

And this the the world of digital marketing trends change and evolve constantly, so sometimes it is difficult to keep up with them. Of course, it is not to worry, because here we will show you everything you must take into account to be able to implement strategies that will make you someone efficient, creative, handsome and definitely innovative! In short, here we will give you the definitive manual to be successful in everything you do during 2022.Don’t be caught off guard.Let’s go for it.

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

The SEO encompasses those Google strategies to get higher rank on Google,Scrutinised techniques and actions plans  that organizations can put into practice to position links, materials, articles and other websites in Google organically.

To apply Search engine optimization properly, It may takes a lot of planning in a period of time, and also a lot of experimentation and analysis of competitors strategies to start getting the results. What is the same SEO is a platform and long term strategy.

In a simple and general way, we can say that SEO optimizes sites and blogs to influence the search engines, including Yahoo, Bing, Google, and encourage them to interpret that their web pages are the most relevant to the SERP results.

But here it should be clarified that lies and fraudulent works are no longer work to appear on the first page of Google.

In the early days of the internet, you didn’t need really valuable content strategies or strategies to rank first in Google, but 5 years, The searches and competitions was bit high, The search engine’s algorithm started penalizing websites that used artificial content to get on the Google top listing.

Finally, SEO consists of a method for websites and blogs to produce quality contents for users and optimize them for top results in search engines.

How to appear on Google? 5 practical actions to achieve it

That Google finds you or indexes you is not much easy now a days, But easily you can start fill up all those SEO checklist in Yoast SEO or any other SEO tools. Use search engine submissions or ping websites without spamming.

  1. Write a lot of meaningful contents to related to your Category

One of the best strategies we can give you is that, if you want to reach the top ranking in Google, rely on a best Digital Marketing strategy to create lookalike solutions that really help your end users to solve their problems, which will make you their choice. And stand-alone in competitions.

For do this, you must develop best articles and written or infographic creatives that meet the needs of your audience and that, at the same time, have the best SEO practices to be taken into account, for example:

User Intent

This is about using keywords and creating content according to what your users need to find.

For this reason, the optimizations that you make in your materials must focus on the search intention so that they match the results on Google.

The best way to understand user intent is to analyze the results that appear on the first page when doing a search! This way you will see what information the competitors are providing to the user so that you can produce better content than theirs, which fully answers the doubt they have.

Other points that you can analyze on the Google results page are:

the “people also ask” section;

related searches, which appear at the bottom;

titles and meta descriptions of the contents that appear;

and the terms that appear above in the “Images” section.

Content Size

Substantial, complete, and detailed content tends to answer more questions than others, so it can be considered over others when ranking.

Internal links

Linking to the internal pages of your blog has the function of guiding the user’s navigation and indicating to search engines other material on your website that may be interesting.

Google uses so-called robots to index the pages and understand what makes them valuable, so that they can understand and rank them, one of the most important aspects of technical SEO.

Through internal links you can build networks of links that direct users to your sites, which strengthens your authority.

This is important to do, both in your blog posts and sitemaps. Sitemaps are those “guides” that give search engines the necessary information to facilitate indexing.

  1. Take the technical performance of your site to the highest level

When talking about technical performance, reference is made to factors not related to content, that is, those elements that provide a better user experience and that Google considers when positioning, which are part of the WPO, among them are: page speed In theory, in order to reach the top of Google, a website must be fast when loading on any device. Nobody likes waiting! And Google doesn’t like this to happen either. So for that, there are free tools that study your site and say how fast it is so you can take action on it. Some of them are: Rock Stage Speed ​​Analyzer; PageSpeed ​​Insights from Google; GTMetrix; pingdom; among other.

  1. Use Meta tags & Title rags

So that Google can find you among thousands and even millions of pages that have something to do with yours, you must send a kind of signals in the form of meta tags, so that the SERPs not only find you, but also understand the value you provide.

In the end, what the Google algorithm does is interpret the tags by the HTML code that composes them, and that you can configure in your CMS (content manager).

Meta tags are those words in blue that you can find in the results, and if you want to find out how to appear in Google, you should pay special attention to them. Also the meta description fits into that category.

This is a short but concise description of what the user — and Google — will find inside. Using them correctly will ensure that you get the attention of search engines in the best possible way.

 You have 5 recommendations that you can apply now!

With these tips on how to appear on Google, you already have enough information to optimize your site or blog and enjoy all the advantages that this entails. Getting ahead in Google is a job that requires patience, perseverance and strategic thinking. It is normal that at the beginning not everything goes perfectly, but do not lose heart! Analyze and measure constantly so that you do not stop improving. Also we are referring to contact you a Digital Marketing Agency like us to consult for your best possible Digital marketing tactics.

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