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Steps to Install SuiteCRM Email Drip Campaign product

Automation gives you some leeway to get in touch with the client and solve their critical work. It lets you focus more on effective tasks to grow your business with astonishing speed. While understanding the importance of automating the tasks, we have built a great exhilarating product for all-size companies. The product helps in sharing emails to numerous customers automatically without your extra effort. We are talking about the SuiteCRM Email Drip Campaign.

Understand the need for Drip Campaign


My team: A few minutes ago we saw that many visitors came and purchased our product for our CRM business website. 

Me: This is awesome to know that they like our product. Have you shared a “Welcome Email” with all of them? 

My team: Yes, we are going to share. Steve will work on this as he will share it with all those leads manually. 

Me: But Steve has some other crucial work to do. If he is going to put all his effort here, then who is going to handle other tasks? 

Have you understood the above conversation? They are pointing to one person who has to do every task and everything to be done manually. The thing is, we believe they should do this email sharing work under a great product. So, an email drip campaign extension can help you by sharing templates to the leads şirinevler escort automatically.  

How does this process work for your business?

A series of drip emails are going to be delivered to the customer. All you need to do is just set the pre-defined timing.  

The product will shoot the email templates automatically to the right customer at the right time. In this way, you can nurture the right leads and can smoothen your relationship with them. 

It delivers the drip based on Record’s status and field

Suppose you have seen that the record has been changed. Our extension will deliver the drip as per the record status and based on the time you set. 

Moreover, a user here can match any field, including a custom field, for scheduling a drip.  

We heard so many times like: How many users can share the drip or who has the right to deliver the drip email to the customer, etc. Well, if you adapt this under-rated extension for your business, then you can seek the feature of multiple email senders. 

Either an admin can go for this task or you can choose any user in your company. We give you complete leeway to choose the desired email sender. 

What to see in Drip Manager Dashboard and Controller?

When you go to Drip Manager Dashboard, you can see that it wants you to select the right module and field. Also, here you need to select whether the drip is going to be sent by the admin or regular user. 

Now if we go to Drip Controller here, it wants you to choose an appropriate template to deliver. And it wants the user to select the right time and day for the drip email to be shared. These are the most important functionalities of the SuiteCRM Email Drip Campaign plugin.   

Learn what to catch in the Recipient Activity dashboard

To know the action of all the recipients who got your template, track their actions from the Recipient activity dashboard. Yes, we are providing another great function that gives you insights like the IP address of the recipient, Total impression, and more. 

Ultimately, the Email drip campaign product helps in getting aware of the status of the drip. For example: your team shares an Abandonment email with a few of their leads. Now you want to know how many emails are sent, failed, etc. This add-on will help you with this too.

Remember: The extension works for all Core and Custom modules of SuiteCRM. You can also take the advantage of Free product tour service. It is useful for product installation and configuration too. 

Installation guide of Drip Campaign add-on in SuiteCRM

  • Your first step is to visit the “Administration Page” and click on the Module loader to install the Package.
  • Select the option “Choose File” and click on the Upload button. 
  • Click on the Install button, then select the Commit button to proceed.
  • Your next step is to select the button “Back to Module Loader”
  • The Installation is complete now

We believe if automation is in our business then we can focus more on other critical work like cline handling, business development, etc. We use the power of automation in this extension, which automatically delivers the campaign to the right person at the right time. All you need to do is set the right time period. This automatically sending template saves so much of your time that you can feel like productivity is boosted up. Adapt this latest extension for your CRM and insist others to do the same.

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There is a famous quote, which says “Customers want positive, consistent experiences. Consistency creates confidence, which can lead to retention and loyalty” and we believe in that. Everyone wants to work with an experienced firm that has survived long enough to know how things work and we’re one of them. Once you join forces with the Outright Store then we can assure you that we’ve got your back and you’ll reach your goals sooner than imagined. The CRM industry has no place for error and you can’t be naive by choosing someone who doesn’t know the rules of CRM. For more than 10 years, we have provided services to our clients and they are still using our services and the reason is we know the CRM industry inside out. Our performance-enhancing extensions like Twilio Call, Unique ID Generator, BCC Archive, Global Hide Manager, Database Backup, Recycle Bin, etc have been serving their purposes successfully for a long time.

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