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The Black Hat SEO Techniques That You Should Never Do Ever

What is the Black hat SEO Technique?

Black Hat SEO Techniques are when an individual or company utilizes methods in search engine optimization that violate the rules of search engines. The goal in utilizing these techniques is to rank higher in rankings than one should normally. While this can be done without actually violating any rules, it is usually quite difficult and requires much more work than conventional SEO.

Generally speaking, Black Hat practitioners will purchase expired domains for relatively low costs (typically below $10) and attempt to get authority sites like Wikipedia to link back to their page by submitting entries on the site about their product or service. This process used to be much easier thanks to spam-like articles which were often posted on very popular forums like Yahoo!

These days, since search engines have kicked up their anti-spam activities a notch or two, black hat SEO practitioners need to be much more careful and subtle with the methods they use. Techniques that were once popular but are now considered against the rules include keyword stuffing, cloaking (reverse engineering of Google bot), spam blog comments, spam forum posts, and link farming.

In addition to these techniques being forbidden by search engine companies themselves, hiring an unscrupulous Black Hat SEO company can also lead to your site being penalized or banned from the index entirely which will affect all of your rankings on all other keywords as well which will essentially result in a marketing nightmare for you.

Black Hat SEO has become less common in recent years but if you perform an Internet search for “Black Hat SEO” there are many tutorials available to help you do it yourself. This can be risky however because Google is very good at detecting black hat practices and penalizing the sites using them.

Have you ever wanted to perform Black Hat SEO?

Well, if you want to know more about it, read this article on affordable SEO services in USA.

Black Hat SEO is the way of manipulating search engines into ranking your website on top of their engine results. This also means that you are manipulating users by lying to them about what your website offers. An example of an off-page technique is spamming links at forums online.

On-Page Techniques are done directly on your website which includes keyword stuffing, hidden text/links, etc. The problem with this kind of stuff is that Search Engine Spiders will know that you are manipulating them and your website will be rerunning ked lower in search engine results.

Off-Page Techniques are done at other people’s sites which include Forum Posting, Directory Submission, Blog Commenting, etc. This is a lot more effective than On-Page techniques because the links created originate from completely different websites, therefore appearing as valid. The only problem is that these links must come from relevant sources or else Google will automatically devalue those links, lowering your rank even further. Read about SEO to learn more on this subject.

Link Bombing

One example of Off-Page Black Hat SEO is called “Link Bombing” where you simply bombard thousands of forums and blogs asking users to link back to your site. This is highly successful because it’s hard to detect spam comments or forum posts coming from millions of different locations.

Citation Bombing

Another example of Off-Page Black Hat SEO is called “Citation Bombing” where you simply create thousands of irrelevant blog/forum posts with your site name in the title and URL. This works because Google prioritizes sites that are frequently mentioned online over those which are not, therefore people will link back to your website just for its popularity. Read more about SEO services marketing here!

Guest Blogging

One last example of Off-Page Black Hat SEO I’ll give you is called “Guest Blogging” where you would write articles at other sites talking about how great your website is, etc. However, most people will realize that this is a trick and simply neglect to add your website in the credits of their articles?

Content Automation

Content Automation Black Hat SEO Techniques is something that most people are afraid to do. It’s a taboo topic because it’s against Google’s terms of service. And many other search engine providers’ terms of service as well. But here at Content Automation SEO, we feel that SEO has become a lost art for businesses. To survive in this ever-changing growing internet age. There are thousands of black hat SEO companies that dedicate themselves to tricking the search engines. And fooling consumers into believing all sorts of lies about their services and products. erotik film izle

Content Automation Black Hat Search Engine Optimization is the fine line between the gray area and Google’s rules.

To do that we have a team of experienced researchers who spend hours. And sometimes days looking for suitable topics to write about. The requirement is that they must be able to research the topic. Gather facts about it, and then finally create an interesting article from those facts.

There is no stealing content from other websites or taking advantage of anyone else’s hard work. We create all our own original content. This is why we have been so successful over the years with this service.

Content Automation Black Hat SEO Techniques have been around for a long time now. And it continues to be a successful source of income for SEO companies. But with Google’s new understanding of the internet, they started cracking down on fake articles. And websites that were earning money by using black hat techniques. That’s why most people believe it is no longer possible to earn. Or have success by using this type of service.

Rich Snippet Markup spam

Matt Cuts became aware of Rich Snippet Markup spam on YouTube. Where video bloggers are adding links to Google+ and other sites into their videos. However, that’s not the only place content spammers are using it.

“We’re also seeing them show up in comments and outbound links too,” says Cuts. “The webmasters that are doing this seem to be trying to rank for competitive keywords. And it’s unlikely that they’re getting very much traffic from social sites.” film izle

In other words, rich snippet mark-up is more likely to be some sort of automated spam. Or more likely yet, some sort of hack into YouTube and other sites that use mark-up spam for backlinks.


In conclusion, I recommend you not perform these techniques. Because they are highly Black Hat and demote search engine ranking. Causing you to lose more traffic than if you would have just left it alone. For more information about these techniques and examples and different ways of doing things. Like link bombing (see: Article Marketing), check out my article on affordable SEO services in the USA.

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