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Ways to Improve Audience Retention on Your Site

What is customer retention?

The quality of certain goods can be measured in quality on a scale of 1-10. This same scale can be used to measure the quality of service provided by salespeople, department managers, and company owners. Good quality products are often linked with good quality service – if one is poor quality, so is the other.

One quality that is extremely important for service quality is customer retention rate. This article will discuss how important it is to keep customers, what the quality of customer retention rate means for your company, and what you can do to maintain quality customer retention.

Customer retention is linked with quality because the more people are satisfied with your company, the more customers will choose you over your competitors. The quality of the customer retention scale looks like this:

What is the customer retention rate?

10 = highly satisfied, customers are very likely to return and tell others about how great your business is

8-9 = Satisfied, quality customer service keeps people coming back

6-7 = Neutral or slightly dissatisfied, quality could be better to keep customers coming back

1-5 = highly dissatisfied, quality is poor and many customers will leave to tell others about it. This means you will lose a number of potential customers

Customer retention rate describes the percentage of your business that return or keep referring new customers after their first purchase/transaction. The quality of this measure varies greatly among companies. It is becoming more and more common for quality companies to have quality retention rates of 50% or higher. This quality statistic looks like the quality scale, but with 50% on top instead of 10. instagram takipçi

To understand why a good customer retention rate is linked with quality service, it’s important to know some reasons customers leave.

Word Press, Blogger, Tumbler, Shopify, Square space… These are all blogging platforms that allow you to post an article on the internet. But writing quality posts is only half of the job. Once your blog post is written and ready to go live – what’s next?

That depends on how you want people to respond after they read your article. If you don’t tell them what action they should take next, then most will just leave your site without ever coming back. That’s why it’s important to keep readers entertained so they continue browsing through different pages on your site.

Understandably, many small business owners ask themselves how to improve retention rates like never before. Not only do you want your customers to purchase your quality writing services, but you’d also like them to come back for more quality writing services in the future.

Here are 11 ways that will help you retain quality customers:

Exceptional quality writing services

In order to retain quality customers, you must provide quality writing services. Work on your quality writing services and make sure your work is of superior quality. Customers won’t come back for more quality writing services unless they feel satisfied with the quality writing services provided by you. In fact, they’ll simply move their business quality. diyarbakır escort

Proactively provide customer support

Quality customers are valuable—they deserve your attention and they deserve good customer service. You can make their experience even more rewarding by proactively providing them with customer support. As quality customers, they’ll feel like quality partners with quality writing services.


Customers will return to quality writing services companies that remember them and acknowledge their previous purchasing activities; i.e., provide personalized quality writing services. Personalized quality writing services convey a sense of connectedness between you and your customers. We all want quality writing services that are attentive to our needs

Loyalty programs and rewards

Customers who come back for more are the ones who feel appreciated, respected, and rewarded. Provide them with discounts, loyalty programs, free samples of quality writing services, etc., to give them an incentive to choose quality writing services again.

Referral bonuses and discounts

The best way to retain quality customers is by making them feel rewarded for their referrals. Promote these quality writing services through email campaigns, social media campaigns, and other channels. Include a discount or bonus offer that gives them a sense of satisfaction for sharing your quality writing services

Add a video

Video often increases viewers’ time spent on the page by an average of 2 minutes. That might not sound like much, but it’s really effective if you’re writing quality content. There are many video hosting websites that allow you to easily add a video to your website (e.g., YouTube, Wistia). You could also consider purchasing quality stock footage or using screen recording software on your computer.

Use images and graphics throughout the site

If you’ve ever visited an online store, then you should know what quality images look like. If you don’t think you have quality images in your blog post, try adding screenshots from a presentation program such as PowerPoint. This will give your article more visual appeal and increase engagement time with visitors who aren’t going to buy anything from this blog post.

Write an article about something new or trending in your industry

People will want to read quality articles that are up-to-date, especially in a time when everything moves so fast. Instead of writing about the same old boring stuff, try updating content with current events and trends. This also gives people a reason to share your blog posts on their social media accounts – which increases your traffic rate in return!

Include links to other articles on your website that relate to what you are writing about

Quality content is all well and good – but quality connections are just as important for quality results. Your readers should be able to click onto other pages within your site from the one blog post they’re currently watching. This way, they can start reading quality content if your article is not enough to spark their interest after the first few minutes.

Offer valuable information for free (e-book, webinar) and give readers exclusive access to it if they sign up with their email address

This is a simple way of becoming more visible on the internet without advertising yourself too much. A quality e-book or report will be used by your visitors whenever there’s something they don’t know about in your industry – increasing quality traffic to your website over time. If you have already written quality reports or are thinking of purchasing quality ones from other companies, then this idea is definitely worth trying out.

Keep content short and concise – don’t write long paragraphs that people will get bored of reading after a few minutes

To help ensure quality traffic from quality content, make sure your articles involve short to medium-length paragraphs. If you can’t explain what your article is about to someone else in less than 30 seconds, then the quality of your writing probably isn’t good enough for quality readers. On the other hand, avoid using simple words or phrases that don’t add any value to the post. Try challenging yourself to keep content concise and high quality throughout each blog post!

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