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This Is The Difference Between Web Design And Web Development

Web design and web development are the two most used words when it comes to the world of software development. Everyone needs to understand what do they mean to avoid any confusion. It is true that there are a bunch of things to consider when someone wants to create a website. There are still so many people that think that these terms portray the same meaning when there is a huge difference in both methodologies. The PWA design and development agency offers two major distinctive and unique services needed by the business today in the market to develop their websites. If you are also unclear on what they mean, this guide can help you untangle all there is to understand each term better. Having the right knowledge of what each terminology means can help you understand it in much clear sense.


What Do You Mean by the Web Design?

Web design includes all the visual elements that an individual sees on a website. Which is whatever can be seen from the naked eye falls into the bracket of web design. It can include buttons, typography, images, navbars, etc. Other than that, you must comprehend that its scope stretches much further. Beyond just the good looks, the website designer must ensure that the webpage layout is perfectly responsive on every device it loads on. This is why there is so much to be done to achieve the state where it looks good and functions even better on every device a user wants to visit. 


What Is The Role of the Web Designer?

If we consider the web developers to be the engineers of the website, then web designers are architects. They are responsible for a website to look creative with a top-notch infrastructure so that users actually enjoy using the website seamlessly and come back again many times to visit. Making the website aesthetically appealing and good for the users is not an easy thing to do. This is why this is fully separated by what the web developers do. Web designers used to have one job, to make the website look good to help the users achieve a good user experience. Recently, we have had two main types of web designers available UI and UX designers. You can look at every PWA design and development agency hiring web designers for these two very different roles. 


UI Vs. UX Web Designers, What Do They Do?

UX means the user experience; it can be the journey of the user throughout his stay at any website. The user experience leaves a good or a bad impression on the users, which is the basis of considering the website to be good or lousy. Even if the development is done perfectly, if the design is lousy, the website always ends up looking unprofessional. This is something that pushes the users away, which has to be avoided at all costs. A good experience makes the user stick ion the website by making the navigation easy. This should be done to increase customer engagement and interaction to have seamless communication. 


What do UX Designers do?

User experience designers conduct market research to ensure to fix every aspect that may have any difficulty in the website to be used. They not only intend to meet the needs of the users but also go beyond what the users expect. A good and top-notch user experience will always make the users think of the website to be interesting to use. 


What do UI Designers do?

Now once the core website has been developed, it is the job of a user interface designer to ensure that every aspect of the website is perfect. Anything that can be clicked on must be in the right place, making it easy for the user to go through. How the buttons look and how they are shaped makes it so essential for the website to look good. Trying something new may result in confusion by the users as they are habitual of finding certain things at certain places only.


For instance, if you create a website with a navbar on its side instead of being at the top, multiple users will feel confused while going through it. The market is full of competitors, so doing something unneeded like this will make your customers go to your competitors. You need to plan everything and ensure that things stay the way they are. It will help your customers to be familiar with your website even if they are visiting it for the first time. 


What Do you Mean By Web Development?

It indicates the creation of the whole website from scratch. You can think of it as building a house from the start. Here the work of engineers is needed to be good so that the website is strong and easily used. After the web designs have been finalized fully, web development work commences. There are many types of websites you must be familiar with. This is why knowing what you need is so crucial. If you approach a PWA design and development agency, then ensure to provide them with your requirements. This way, it will become easier for them to work on your website in the way you need it.


What Is The Role Of Web Developers?

Just like web designers, web developers also have some work on their plate. They are responsible for writing codes from scratch to ensure that a website works in the right way. They work to meet the requirements of users by making the website function in its preferred manner. The features you see on the website are the work of web developers. In simple words, they work to ensure that user has a seamless experience. They do it by utilizing every single feature of the website. 



At this time, it is essential to understand these differences between the work of web designers and developers to have a good knowledge of how things actually work. Be it a single page app development or a whole website, the services of web designers and developers are a must to have.


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