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Types of Product Packaging for E-Commerce Businesses

The right packaging boxes can make a company’s first impression. Product packaging supplies are not only used to protect products during transport and storage but also serve as a marketing and sales tool. We will be introducing you to the top packaging boxes for e-commerce businesses. We will also explain the benefits and drawbacks of each packaging box and additional details like costs and impact on the environment.

Introduction to Packaging Boxes

The type of e-commerce packaging boxes used by online retailers will depend on the product. The custom box will ensure that the product arrives in perfect condition so the business can continue to enjoy its reputation. These boxes are typically made of cardboard or paper combinations with different degrees of rigidity and thickness depending on the intend use.

Product Box Types

Folding Cartons

These can be lightweight and have premium packaging for items of small sizes. Sometimes they are call collapsible or paperboard boxes. They can be use as elegant marketing tools if design with strong brand themes in mind. You can print in full color at high resolution, and it looks professional in retail spaces.

The coating used to coat folding boxes varies depending on their manufacturer. However, it is always a protective coating that protects the contents and keeps them looking sharp.

These print boxes can be fold flat for shipping and storage. Small businesses that have limited storage space can store more product inventory. Because they are thinner than another packaging, folding boxes are great for items that don’t break or chip easily. The folding box has a vivid finish that makes it attractive for items likely to end up on shelves or unboxed and shared on social media.

Folding cartons

Make use of the Custom Boxes to promote your product Promotion

Rigid Boxes

The name suggests that rigid boxes don’t fold like other types of packaging boxes. They are made up of multiple layers of compress paperboard, making them much more resilient to impact. The increased resistance means that they are more expensive per unit. You will often see high-end items like jewelry and cell phones packed in rigid boxes.

Consumers expect luxury from their experience, even if they spend a lot. The feeling of holding a sturdy box in your hand instantly creates an atmosphere of more excellent quality and importance for the product.

A thicker protective layer that doesn’t easily collapse means this custom box is more secure than a smaller folding box.

Businesses in the luxury items category can use the custom rigid box. These boxes are not design to collapse and can be more expensive per unit. If the item enclose is valuable and should be protect.

Why Custom Boxes Packaging Is Important For A Market Growth ?

Mailer Boxes

These boxes can be thought of as premium shipping boxes that offer a premium experience in unboxing. They can be fold open and print on both sides. This gives them additional marketing space for the same packaging square footage. They are lighter than traditional shipping boxes and offer greater structural integrity.

This box arrives looking very sharp. The box is easy to open and has plenty of interior space for branding. It adds excitement and fun to the purchasing process.

Mailers can be order in many sizes to suit most products. They can hold heavier products than folding boxes while maintaining the same luxurious aesthetic.

This alternative to bubble wrap is eco-friendly and made from recycled paper. It can be completely recyclable.

Mailer boxes are highly versatile. So, products would rarely be improve by shipping in custom-brand mailer boxes. These boxes can be use to ship low-price items or items resold by suppliers without the original packaging.

Custom mailing boxes

What Blessing Are You Able To Have By Custom Boxes Styles For Your Brands?

Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes are almost always use to transport multiple items over long distances. Corrugate boxes are usually made from solid brown cardboard but can also be customize. Because they can transport various products or bundles, they are often available in the largest sizes.

Corrugated cardboard’s engineering was extreme and resilient to impact. There is no safer way than corrugated cardboard to transport fragile items in heavy loads.

This is the most commonly use packaging box. They are also easy to find and affordable.

Cardboard packaging is made primarily from recycle cardboard but can be easily repurpose by consumers for their transport and storage needs.

A business should have branded shipping boxes to send large inventory quantities or grouped items to resellers. Combining shipping boxes with mailers improves the customer experience when they receive their products directly from the manufacturer. So, this blog has more packaging ideas to enhance the user experience.

Let’s do it!

You should consider the following information: Material, fragility, weight, and destination details. So that packaging boxes can provide adequate protection and branded visual messages, you can create a unique branding theme for any of the types of custom packaging we have mentioned in this article. Then you can use this packaging for your business brand.

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