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What are Lipstick Boxes?

Lipstick Boxes, also commonly called lipstick tubes or lipstick cases, are the cardboard housing that holds a stick of lip balm, lipstick or other cosmetic product. The amount contained within varies from 1/4 to 3″ in length. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs.

What are the uses of Custom Lipstick Boxes?

Custom Lipstick Boxes can be used to store and organize your lipsticks or cosmetics, as well as display them on a dresser or bathroom counter. They can also be filled with other small items such as paper clips, glue sticks, toothpicks, bobby pins etc.

How to make Lipstick Packaging Boxes?

Making a simple, basic Lipstick Packaging Boxes are easy. Here are the steps!

a) Gather your materials – You’ll need pencil/pen, ruler, cutting board, gum glue. I also recommend foam brushes for applying the glue, but you can use your hands if you don’t have any available.

b) Draw your pattern – Draw a rectangle on the paper of your choice. I used scrapbook paper for mine, but regular printer paper will also do. Keep in mind that it needs to be about an inch longer than the stick of product that you will be putting into it – this is so that there is room around the stick and at either end for you to glue the ends down. Draw another rectangle that is approximately 1/2″ longer than your first – this will form a flap that will fold over into your lipstick box and close it up. You also need to draw two rectangles, one on either side of the second rectangle (your “flap”), about 3/4″ tall. This will form a “lip” on your box to keep the flap from coming unfolded. Draw a third rectangle a little smaller than a credit card – this is your “container.”

c) Cut out pattern – Using scissors, cut out all three parts of your template. You may want to make another small notch at the bottom of the flap piece, this way it’s easier to open up later.

d) Layout your pattern – Apply glue to both ends of your first rectangle (one end will be inside the other). Fold over and let dry. Some people recommend using a ruler or straight edge to ensure that you’re folding evenly – I found it easier just to eyeball it. I also recommend letting this dry overnight.

e) Glue flap – Apply a thin layer of glue to the flap piece and fold it up onto the first rectangle you glued down. This is going to form your hinge so that you can open and close your lipstick box later, so make sure it’s on nice and straight. Let dry overnight, just like the first rectangle of your Custom Printing Lipstick Boxes.

f) Glue container – Apply a thin layer of glue to the container piece and fold it up onto the flap piece that you’ve already glued down. You may have to gently bend this piece so that it fits nicely into the space made by your second rectangle. Let dry overnight.

g) Glue down end flaps – Apply a thin layer of glue to one side of your “end” piece and attach it to the other end, making sure that the ends are nice and even so that you have an opening in your Cardboard Lipstick Boxes. You can also add some adhesive foam dots for decoration and to keep your box from coming open. Let dry overnight.

h) Glue down the bottom – Apply a thin layer of glue to the bottom of your “end” piece and attach it to the bottom of one end of your long rectangle. Press firmly so that you have a nice, even finish on all sides. Let dry overnight.

What TheCustomPackagingHub does?

TheCustomPackagingHub are custom lipstick boxes suppliers. We offer a wide variety of Best Lipstick Boxes and Lipstick Boxes Wholesale. We’ve got the right box for you, no matter what kind of business or industry you’re in. We create custom lipstick boxes online for the ease of our customers.

Custom Packaging :

If you want to stand out from your competition, Wholesale Lipstick Boxes are an effective way to do so. With our packaging products, we can help you create the perfect Custom Packaging Lipstick Boxes for your product. Our team of professionals will work with you to develop a customized package that tells your story through design and function.

Printing Services :

Our team of Graphic Designers are here to assist you in creating professional collateral pieces on our high-quality digital presses – items such as Business Cards, Postcards, Flyers, Rack Cards, Brochures, Lipstick Kraft Boxes and more.

Custom Packaging & Printing :

We have combined both services to provide you with one convenient stop for your printing needs. This saves time on your end, while still providing you with exceptional service!

We are Custom Box Manufacturer of food boxes , beauty boxes, stationery boxes, bulk lipstick boxes, and so on. Custom Boxes offer you the highest quality at the best price and we guarantee to save 30% – 50% off your local printing prices! We provide a one stop shop for all packaging needs

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