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What is Microsoft Forms?

Another Microsoft 365 app that businesses find most useful is Microsoft Forms. Many departments, such as Human Resources, collect data through forms or surveys and, for this, this tool is very useful with Microsoft Development firm.

Understanding what Microsoft Forms is allows us to know which are the situations in which adopting this tool allows us to obtain great benefits. In this article we show you what this tool is, its great advantages and the different formats that we can generate.

What is Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms is a very intuitive tool that allows you to create surveys or forms with multiple choice questions, open questions, classifications and many more options in a very short time. Once the forms or surveys are generated, they are shared with the users we want them to respond to and they, through any web browser or even from a mobile phone, access the online file.

In addition, as the questions are answered, the results will be shown in real time with detailed statistics in the form of very visual graphs with the information regarding each question. Results can also be exported and downloaded to Excel for further analysis.

Surveys and Forms in Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Forms you have the option of creating two different formats:

Surveys: We could say that the questionnaires are like a kind of exam. We can establish the correct or incorrect answer and, in addition, add explanatory comments . With which, we can measure the knowledge of the users who respond to these questionnaires and score them.
Forms: These do not have any evaluative or scoring purpose. They can be used for example to collect customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction and organize team events.

Advantages of Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms has great advantages both functionally and in the design of your questionnaires or forms.

At the design level, for example, it allows you to customize the background of the forms , inserting an image from Bing or OneDrive , or uploading an image directly from your computer. Based on the background image, Forms automatically adjusts the theme color.
Microsoft is currently working on a website, called Other Forms , where form designers can access all the surveys that have been created in an open way through the Share link.

Like many other Office 365 apps, Forms works well with SharePoint . There is a Microsoft Forms web part in SharePoint Online that allows you to embed intake forms or embed results.
Forms also integrate with Power Automate . That means you can take form input and take it through the business process, populate your data in SharePoint lists, and pass it on to other applications and databases.

Another advantage of Forms is that it also integrates with OneNote . To insert forms in OneNote you have to enter the OneNote Insert menu, click on Forms and select the form that has previously been created. Once inserted, the form and subsequent responses can be viewed directly in OneNote . The creator will also be able to see the answers in real time, to better assess the student’s skills.

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice (PRO Version)

Customer Voice has new and advanced survey capabilities, providing additional support for enterprise survey solutions. This includes the simplicity to create and send custom surveys, integration with your business processes, and AI-assisted features that provide a high level of insight through transactional and behavioral data.

The main difference between Customer Voice and normal Forms is that in their Pro version, these forms integrate much better with the Microsoft business platform, facilitating our tasks and providing valuable information to our company.

For example, with Customer Voice, we will be able to send automated surveys to our customers based on the purchase stage they are in, thanks to the fact that the tool is included within the umbrella of Dynamics 365.

This version also integrates with Power BI , so our organization will be able to easily obtain a lot of reports based on the data from the surveys carried out.

Do you already have Microsoft Forms but don’t know exactly what to use it for?

Whether you’ve already used Microsoft Forms or just started using it now with remote work, you may not know exactly what it’s for or how to use it to work better. That is why it is very important to know how to use them to be better organized and work faster.

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What is an office suite and what are its benefits?

Companies seek to simplify office tasks in order to make work more practical and dynamic. To achieve this, they implement tools aimed at automating, optimizing and improving the organization’s operations. It is what is known as office automation . One of the most used tools is the office suite , but what is an office suite ?

What is an office suite?

An office suite or office package is a set of computer programs that allow you to create, modify, organize, store, send, receive, scan and print files.

Among the basic tools of the office suite are the word processor and the spreadsheet. However, it may contain other types of tools, such as databases, statistical analysis programs, layout designers, editors (images, presentations, projects or web pages), email programs, web browsers or calendars, among others.

Before the offices were full of paper and now they are full of screens. As soon as computers became present in the workplace, these soft wares appeared. Clearly, the most pressing need required converting text files to digital format.  And so with a multitude of tasks for which characteristic tools have emerged. For that reason, it is no longer possible to conceive of office work without these programs.

Characteristics of an office suite

The main characteristics of an office suite are the following:

Easy to use basic programs : Some applications, such as word processing, presentations or spreadsheets, are easy to use. However, the level of difficulty increases when using more complex programs, such as the database. For this reason, it is necessary to take a preparation course that enables the user to use them.
Built-in functions – all the programs in the package can interact with each other. In this way, it is possible, for example, to generate graphs in a spreadsheet and include them in a presentation.

If you use it online, you will be able to take advantage of the benefits of synchronization between PC’s, programs and users.
Benefits of the office suite
As we have already mentioned, the office suite has become an essential resource for organizations, which can benefit from its many advantages:

Access to files and content from any device and place thanks to online modalities

Document co-authoring that allows you to work simultaneously on the same document with several people on your team, which results in greater productivity and efficiency.

It facilitates the execution of daily and important tasks of the company in a simple and fast way. It is possible to modify the appearance, create custom functions and customize the tools available to automate actions.
Improve communication in the company thanks to the options to share and synchronize files in real time.

In the case of online office suites, they save space , since the files on the device disappear.

Examples of office suites on the market

The packages offered in the market are varied. There are online , offline, free distribution, single platform or multiplatform suites.

Microsoft Office – the main distributor of this technology.  Depending on the version, it has online or offline access with installation of some of its applications in desktop mode on various devices. .
Google Work Space (Suite) – A trusted distributor of quality online tools.  To make use of these tools, it is necessary to have access to the Internet.


The free option, a little smaller but operative. It is compatible with Windows, iOS and GNU/Linux. Includes Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw and Base.
iWork – Apple’s private package.
Now that you know what an office suite is, you will agree with us that it is essential technology in the workplace. You can consult other related entries such as What is Business Intelligence for companies?

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