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What is The Recovery Time After FUE

so, you underwent an FUE hair transplant? It’s great! You could benefit from the advantages of hair fullness both mentally and physically. Hair transplantation that uses the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is more effective than the traditional FUT (Follicular Unit transplantation) and the time to recovery is significantly shorter. The healing process begins right following the procedure. Contrary to this FUT technique, this one does not involve removing skin strips but instead removes hair follicles from the donor region. This means you can get up and get back to work right following having the hair transplant. The main concern of course is the time it takes to recover and how long it will take before your hair will appear natural and healthy.

In order to prevent infection or damage, the area is crucial during the healing process. Here is our complete guide to the healing time following the FUE transplant in Los Angeles

FUE Transplant Regrowth Recovery timeline:

At the end of one week bleeding, swelling, discomfort and scabs should decrease to leave you with short, crew-cut style hair on your scalp. Then, you can anticipate a complete restoration of your hair and hair recovery program according to the following.

Three to four weeks following surgery:

In the two-to-three weeks following a transplant using FUE, the new hair transplanted will begin to fall off. This is normal and nothing to be worried about. It is a normal growth phase of hair. In spite of the loss of hair the follicle is healthy and will return to its growth phase in just a few weeks.

Three to four months following surgery:

At this point, the hair transplanted is in the normal resting phase. In this stage, the patient who has FUE generally appears identical to the person who underwent the procedure. This is also common. It is important to follow all instructions for postoperative care closely and make sure you attend any follow-up appointments with a physician.

Recovery and growth in the fourth month of the year:

After four months, you’ll notice new hair growth coming from the follicle that was transplanted. In certain patients, the growth of new hair could occur sooner, as the healing process and the experience of each patient is different. At this point, hair growth may be fragile and thin and does not exhibit long-term results from FUE.

Nine to eight months

In the 9th month, you’ll be able to enjoy longer and denser hair. You are able to style it in any way you want. As always, make sure you have another check-up with the doctor.

Results of FUE at the close this year

Within one year after the surgical procedure, the process of transplantation will be complete in terms of thickness, growth and density. A majority of your follicles will be growing healthy hair by this stage. After approximately a year, a lot of hair transplant patients looking for greater protection can decide if they’re a good candidate for a second operation.

The duration and the stages of recovery can differ between patients However, there are a few aspects that patients can count on. Following the procedure, patients will notice an insignificant hole in the donor area as a result of the removal of the graft. It will be closed in a few days and appears as if nothing happened within a week because the hair is growing. There may be a small irritation in the donor area that can last for as long as a week following the procedure.

The area of the recipient grows immediately. The patient must take care to wash their hair thoroughly and then pour water on his head during the first week, instead of scratching the area. After 7 days after surgery, patient is able to wash his hair as normal. After a while, the hair will fall out of the graft. This is the time when the patient goes through a period of time. When it appears as if there’s nothing that can be accomplished. Don’t worry! Hair growth is around three months, according to the information in the above paragraph.

When is the best time to be back at work following the restoration of your hair?

Because FUE is a minimally-invasive procedure, you are able to anticipate returning to work within a day or two following surgery, if your work doesn’t require a lot of lifting. Many patients schedule their surgery for Thursday or Friday and then return to work on the next Monday.

It is, however, your decision the length of time you will need to wait before you can return to work. In the case of most patients, the primary element is the way they intend to keep the process of healing running. Within the first week to 10 days following your hair restoration surgery, it is possible to may experience serious side effects. Fortunately, you’ll have to wait for them to diminish before going back to work.


If the FUE procedure is performed successfully in clinics that satisfy the requirements for FUE You will be pleased with the outcome. After an FUE hair transplantation, patients can go about their daily routine without much difficulty. However, if you wish sores from canker and the appearance of crust to completely disappear in 7 to 10 days. Although it took a year to attain the final appearance, however, the length isn’t a factor. Particularly, if the hair you just planted is in the correct direction, the outcome is very effective. It is possible to continue to live your daily life safe and peaceful manner.

If you are interested in learning more about hair transplantation and restoration options, schedule appointments with our Hair Transplants Los Angeles. Complete the request form on the internet or call the office on 213-403-0455

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