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Why Should You Hire Box Manufacturers for Creating Unique Subscription Packaging?

Do you wish your subscription brand to be instantly recognized? Is your packaging up to the mark? Don’t worry if you are still not there yet, box manufacturers can more than provide functional yet fascinating subscription packaging.

More than being financially invested in the products, sellers are emotionally linked to their business and services. It means that a wrong step would cause ripple effects in financial capacities as well as the brand’s potential success.

What is one undeniable way to let your brand prosper?

It is not a hidden fact that packaging boxes offer an increased value proposition to buyers. Stats prove that about 75% of customers trust the brand that provides personalized boxes. In the subscription industry, offering better packaging is even more crucial. Customers only reorder when they find the subscription boxes to be worth their purchase. It is also the only physical brand vibes they get and it has to impress in the first instance.

Can you design your ideal boxes by yourself? Creating packaging is more layered than you might know. You would have to care for:

  • The protective gear.
  • The materials used.
  • Printing with branding details as well as attractive features.
  • Get personalized messages to target customers.
  • Design individual subscription boxes for every product and customer type.
  • Reduce shipping accidents and customer complaints regarding deliveries.
  • Entice repeat subscriptions.

If it seems a lot, it is! The most important factor is that once you go wrong in any department, the repercussions could be severe. Your sales can take a dip and you might lose out to rivals.

But there is a fool-proof way of crafting subscription boxes. And that is by hiring expert box engineers to do the job!

What are the benefits of box stylists?

Of late, you must have heard of printing houses designing and creating personalized packaging. These are high in demand due to the several advantages they provide. Let us see them one by one.

  1. Available round the clock

One of the most enduring features of hiring box engineers is that they are available right when you need them. It could be asking for more boxes during sales periods, last-minute changes to the printing details, or a short turnaround time, box manufacturers provide the service when and where needed.

A host of effective services like shipping flat boxes and free deliveries, make these box engineers cost-friendly too. Your brand can have any number of boxes designed within your means and almost immediately.

  1. Provide appropriate product care

Subscriptions can include any type of product. Be it skincare items, edibles, CBD, books, or more. Obviously, you can’t box all these in one generic packaging. The boxes must be made to care for the product characteristics and be durable enough.

Box manufacturers offer a wide plethora of box material choices to pick from. They also create box structures that keep the specific items safe and mutation-free. The subscription items can lose their originality if not packaged appropriately. Box makers have extensive experience in the field to know the intricacies of box creation and printing. Every piece is scrutinized carefully to minimize errors and solidify the laid-out packaging objectives.

  1. Design for the intended customer demographic

Can you constructively sell to varied customer groups using the same box appeal? We think not!

As not every product can be displayed in the same boxes, not all customers respond to similar creativity. There has to be a variation in how you present your brand to every customer demographic.

A survey reveals that 2 out of 3 customers prefer getting gift-like boxes. Box experts are well-versed with industry norms and carry out surveys to find out what would work best for the customers. For example, they make sustainable boxes for younger customers who are concerned for the environment. Working professionals respond strongly to minimalistic box patterns, and so on.

You cannot possibly be aware of these customer traits and would require the help of experts in identifying and then fulfilling individual buyer demands.

box manufacturers

  1. Prolonged printing impacts

Did you know that about 55% of customers said that they prefer a brand that has creative box printing on its packaging?

Another 50% of buyers admit to recommending a brand to friends when they get branded boxes with their orders.

Specialist printing techniques have a profound effect on how customers perceive your brand. The brand image can shine brightly using crisp color combos, graphics, and texts. The content would seem more readable and attractive by using printing effects such as embossing, die-cutting, and foil stamping.

Moreover, the subscription boxes need to be protected while in transit. Scratches around the corner deter the box appeal. Similarly, certain sensitive items like food products and skincare need to be kept water and dust-proof. Laminations and coatings help to improve the boxes’ protective gear apart from adding glimmer to the brand appeal.

  1. Natural and eco-friendly material choices

Picking sustainable materials is the way forward. Box makers are aware of the significance of using reusable boxes. These are highly demanded by customers and have become a must-have for all retail brands.

Subscription boxes can be made out of corrugated or cardboard stock paper. Box engineers provide templates to shape the materials innovatively. Quirky shapes extend positive brand vibes to buyers and give them a memorable unboxing experience.

Additionally, adding relevant densities protect the contents during rigorous shipping, thus expanding the customer demographic. It also levels the product description and other favorable brand values. Brands have to provide customers with better alternatives than rivals and being eco-conscious is one of them.

Educating customers with relevant content and labels is a good idea to get important brand ethics across. Box manufacturers make sure that the materials are used in just the right quantities with minimum wastage. They also suggest adding handles and reinforced seals where applicable.


Creative subscription boxes are the new trending wave in the consumer markets. Are you ready to up your packaging game with these boxes?


Printingblue provides high-quality custom printed products at affordable prices and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We are confident that no other company can match our quality and pricing for custom stickers, folders, banners, retail packaging and other printing services.

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