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Importance of Consumer Analytics in Marketing Research

Do you need consumer analytics in marketing research? Definitely yes! Organizations and companies spend a lot of money on marketing research strategies to generate more revenue by increasing leads. They do this by understanding customer requirements and expectations through market research. Marketers are aware that customer ataşehir escort understanding and orientation are crucial to achieving marketing objectives. However, because of the advancement in technology, there is a huge shift in customer behaviour. They are now more informed and connected through the internet. To keep up with the pace, you need to do customer analysis. You need to know about your customers and understand their likes and dislikes to get maximum profit from your business.

This article will explain to you why you need to do consumer analytics in marketing research.

Consumer analytics:

It is a process of gathering and leveraging the data analysis of consumers to identify and retain them. There are various sources from which you can collect data on these consumers. Now in this advanced era of technology, intelligent softwares are used to collect the data and convert it into relevant insights that could be used for businesses to develop better strategies to retain customers.

Many companies use consumer analytics to get useful insights for their marketing, sales and product development. With this, they can offer their audience a more relevant product or service. They would stick to a company with relevant products or services and become loyal customers.

Tools for Customer Analytics:

The next question that comes to mind after understanding the concept of customer analytics is what tools are available for this type of marketing research analysis. Best researchers of a top dissertation writing service have recommended a few tools that are very popular and effective in the market, such as:

  • Adobe Analytics
  • SAS Customer Intelligence 360
  • IBM Watson Customer Experience Analytics
  • Google Analytics 360
  • SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud

Companies mostly use google analytics for research marketing as it is easy to use and gives effective results fast.

Importance Of Consumer Analytics:

1.     Helps to understand the market better:

Any marketing research aims to understand the targeted customers. Businesses and various other organizations use this information to make products or services, make an effective marketing strategy and enhance user experience. But without doing a proper consumer analysis, it is not easy to understand the targeted customers now. This analysis helps you get useful information for your marketing research.

2.     Customer Acquisition:

The success of any business relies on whether it can get new customers or not. It is because there can be no business without customers. Therefore, it is important to have effective sales and marketing strategies that could help you gain new customers. You cannot develop effective marketing strategies without consumer analytics. With the help of this analysis, you can create viral and personalized marketing campaigns with correct insights and data.

3.     Customer Satisfaction and Retention:

Only getting new customers is not enough. After getting new customers, you must be able to retain them. Retaining is essential for business growth. You study and understand customers’ behaviour by doing customer analysis in marketing research. Through this, you can do predictive customer analysis. You can generate various techniques and methods to interact and engage with customers for customer satisfaction and retention.

4.     Lower costs and Improve Revenue:

Customers are very selective and price-conscious. That is why you need to get them properly at less cost. Marketing research can be very expensive. With better consumer analytics, you can reduce the costs of the process of marketing research. It will also help to increase sales effectiveness, which will generate more revenue.

5.     Customers have now become more empowered:

In this digital age, customers are now very empowered. They are connected with everything. Through the internet, customers can now access more information from anywhere, such as what to buy, where to buy it, what is the cost etc. This makes it essential to get customer insight to better understand their behaviour. Consumer Analytics in marketing research can help you to understand how consumers in the market are interacting with businesses. This way, you can give a proper response adequately. The more you understand the buying habits and lifestyles of customers in a market, the more correct you can predict their buying attitude in the future. This will give you more success in offering related services or products that attract consumers.

6.     Helps to find out opportunities and shortcomings in the market:

consumer analytics in a research of a market can help you find out both opportunities and shortcomings. It is because this analysis is based on the behavioural history of customers. With the help of customer analysis, you can analyze the opportunities available in the market that can be used for business growth. You can also discover the shortcomings in the market so that you can make a proper strategy to overcome them. This way, you can ensure customer satisfaction and give you more loyal customers from the market.

7.     Other benefits of doing consumer analysis:

  • This analysis can help you improve customer loyalty and response rates. This also helps to increase ROI by interacting with the right customers for your business.
  • It decreases the cost of a marketing campaign as it helps to target the right customers that will respond most likely.
  • Consumer analysis also reduces attrition by correctly predicting the customers that will leave and creating an effective campaign for their retention.
  • It helps to deliver the right messages by segmenting the market effectively.


Consumer analytics is highly important for effective marketing research in this digital world. Doing this analysis properly with the right tools can give accurate predictions about customers’ reactions to your offering. You can predict their brand adaptation and customer experience. Moreover, with the help of this analysis, you can improve customer retention, overcome shortcomings, create successful marketing campaigns and enhance customer retention. With consumer analytics, you can offer your customers the best services and make them loyal.

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