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Make Money From Cameo Clone

Cameo is an internet service that lets users pay celebrities to make bespoke films for them. Zoom calls and the chance to communicate with a celebrity are two other products. Cameo generates money by taking a 25% cut of every transaction that takes place through their marketplace.

Cameo, which was founded in 2016 and is based in Chicago, has raised over $65 million and is valued at $300 million. The platform now has more than 30,000 creators. This has resulted in the development of several clones of the Cameo app.

What is Cameo and how does it Work?

Cameo is a website where customers may hire celebrities to make bespoke video messages. Cameo can be accessed through the company’s website and mobile phone applications (available on Android and iOS). Users can search for celebrities in the platform’s directory. Actors, sportsmen, musicians, comedians, and even animals are among the many different types of celebrities.

Each celebrity sets their own fee, which can range from $5 to thousands of dollars. The most costly option on the internet right now is a personal shout-out from Caitlyn Jenner, which costs $2,500 per video. Customers may see what they’re getting into by looking at reviews, star ratings, and recent video examples on video makers’ Cameo pages.

Users may also make Zoom calls or communicate with their favorite celebrities through the platform. Cameo collaborates with over 30,000 creators who serve over a million customers at the time of writing.

Essential Features of Cameo Clone App

  • Personalized Live Video Streaming:

Cameo’s one-on-one video streaming, also known as one-on-one video streaming, is a critical feature. This function allows you to video chat with a celebrity of your choice, allowing you to practically be with the celebrities you like. The Cameo software allows users to mute and unmute their microphone, switch on and off their video, and show their screen to the other user. The video should be of excellent quality, but it should also be tailored for slower internet connections.

  • Celeb Profiles:

You may discover more about a celebrity by looking at their profile before commissioning a video from them. Celebrity profiles must also include the cost of reserving the talent, how long it takes them to react, user ratings, and any publicly available footage.

  • Public Sharing:

A public feed is an important feature since it can aid in the development of a fan and user community. Through these feeds, users may also see videos recorded by celebrities that have been made public by other users. This tool is comparable to TikTok and Instagram reels.

  • Remarks and Interactions:

Your community of fans will be able to talk, debate, and communicate with other fans and celebrities thanks to comments. Fans can also query celebs about upcoming videos or anything else they’re interested in. This function also encourages interaction between celebrities and their followers.

  • Notifications:

Push notifications are crucial since they keep consumers informed about what’s going on in real-time. A push notification, for example, can keep you informed if your favorite star is online right now. Furthermore, push notifications can notify users of new messages, updates, chat invitations, and much more.

How can you make money on a Cameo Clone App?

Cameo requests, Cameo Live Experiences, Cameo DMs, sponsored marketing, and more are all ways for celebrities to make money on Cameo. To put it another way, a single Cameo video will only take you approximately 30 seconds of your time. In just 7.5 minutes, you can earn roughly $1,125 if you charge $100 and finish 15 cameos.

Cameo videos and DMs can cost as little as $1 for a low-profile celebrity and as much as $2500 for a high-profile celebrity. Cameo DMs are less expensive than video requests. To put things in perspective, a video from Paul Abdul costs $225, while sending her a DM costs only $9.99.

Cameo generates money by taking a 25% cut of every transaction that takes place through their marketplace. As previously noted, celebrity-created short-form videos account for the majority of the company’s earnings. Cameo adds two more goods to their lineup in June 2020. Customers can purchase 10-minute Zoom calls with their favorite celebrity in the first one. These are usually 2 to 3 times the cost of a video.

Customers can even communicate with a celebrity of their choice through another product. The maximum length of a message is 250 characters. These initiatives are part of a larger effort to increase the platform’s stickiness. Due to its transactional nature, users would rarely return to Cameo. The idea is to get users to return to the platform for a variety of reasons, such as validation, amusement, or to execute a transaction, similar to social networks like Instagram.


Over 150 of the 30,000 creators on the Cameo network were earning more than $100,000 each year. Brian Baumgartner, who played Kevin Malone on the popular sitcom The Office, would win the award for highest-grossing performer. His Cameo shout-outs netted him more than $1 million in 2020.

With such lucrative nature, both Cameo and Cameo clone apps are setting out to become the most trending platforms off late. Not only can they make a lot of money but they can also quickly grow to become a leading celebrity shout out platform.


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